Berberians: February (2) 2015

Dear friends,

We have begun another year by the grace of God, with all kinds of challenges and opportunities that we hope that God will give us strength to fulfill each of them. Looking back at the past six months, the diversity of activities can be grouped with a good amount of trips to the interior of the country (to Chiquimula, twice to Quetzaltenango, and once to Panajachel), with meetings in churches and special congresses, including an activity in a university (photo on the left). I also traveled to Mexico

City for a Leadership Congress in October, in the Centro de Fe Esperanza y Amor of Tacuba, and I just got back from a week of meetings in El Carmen and Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, with 9 meetings in 6 days. So I keep busy though out of the University since April, 2014.

In each activity God gave grace to develop the topics requested, to cover the need of each group. It was interesting to note how, after each event, many folks asked to be my friend on Facebook. The pleasant part is that most are young people who want to appear in a picture with this man in the third age! If that isn’t the grace of God, I don’t believe there is any other explanation.

As to meetings in different churches, in these past few months, there has been a variety, denominationally as well as in the size of the churches, to celebrate a church anniversary, special meetings, whether for youth, leadership, or couples, or normal Sunday meetings, such as the picture (above right) where some people have raised their hand to indicate their decision to receive Christ as Savior. During these months I had the responsibility of teaching several courses, such as the history of the church in the Master’s degree level (picture to the left), and a course on worship in another seminary.

In regards to the different communication media, I was invited to film for the program “Alto Mire y Reflexione” (Stop Look and Think) that has come out in YouTube with topics such as “Why suicide” (12 min.) and “What is the origen of corruption” (5 min.) (Picture to the right). Also, I was invited to interact with questions and answers on several radio programs on topics related to Christian character and how we can face our modern society. My Sunday column continues to come out in Prensa Libre, our major daily newspaper.

The Instituto Federico Crowe (Frederick Crowe Institute)
Thank God, He is helping us in the Frederick Crowe Institute, with a new year of classes just begun (the school year runs from mid January to mid October), with 126 students in our weekday program. More than half have severe financial limitations needing help from a donor to reach their dream of leaving the circle of poverty that has trapped them for more than a generation. This encourages us to “dive off into the water” and trust God for enough sponsors, because we have seen how the students change their life perspective and their productivity once they graduate from high school.

IFC funtions under the covering of Fundación Doulos (Doulos Foundation), and provides an excellent education in the levels of junior and senior high. For students of limited resources we seek sponsors to help pay tuition ($48 dollars a month). We invite you to sponsor a student of limited resources, donating $35 a month during 10 months. In this way you are not giving “fish” for one day, but teaching someone to fish for the rest of their life.

Proverbs 3:27-28 exhorts us: “Do not withold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor „Come back later; I‟ll give it tomorrow‟ when you now have it with you.”

We are proud of our daughter Elizabeth who received her BA in education in November and is going for her Masters (foto top left). We received two donated laptops from California, now in the computer lab of the Institute. Bless you, my friend!

Thank you for your support for our ministry,
Dr. Samuel Berberian