Berberian May 2015

News from Samuel Berberian

Dear friends,
ber-2During these past three months we have seen the blessing of God in various activities. Martha and I traveled to Mexico City over Easter Week for special meetings in the Centro Cristiano Calacoaya (North of Mexico City) where God worked in the lives of many of the 3,000 who attended the three day event (Thursday through Saturday) plus the regular Sunday meetings. I had 5 conferences related to God’s order for the family, the Biblical basis for the topic which was: Machismo and Matriarch influence in Latin American society (foto top left). José L. González was the other speaker.

As to meetings in Guatemala in recent months, I led a breakfast meeting with the leadership of a Church of God Full Gospel (foto left) pastored by Rev. Juan José Pérez (foto above right) who graduated from the Frederick Crowe Institute and went on to the University to become a psychologist. His wife also graduated with us.

ber-1With Martha we have team taught several times on topics related to the family, with couples at Naza Centro (foto right) and Plazuela España, and a forum with two other couples at Vida Real, plus another couples meeting at Emaus Presbyterian church. Of course there are always Sunday meetings in different churches, such as Emmanuel Church in Colonia Florida, and Centro de Fe in Zone 12. So I keep busy though no longer involved in the University since April last year.

ber-5My Sunday column comes out in Prensa Libre newspaper (215 columns to date), and by the letters I receive I know many of different faiths are reading it.With the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in April, I was asked to write about it. Many people today want to erase the memory of those sad happenings of 1915 during the Ottoman Empire, as if they didn’t exist, but if we aren’t aware of what happened, we will be open to repeat them. Many know that my father, Yenovk Berberian, was an orphan of the First World War, but through his conversion experience in an orphanage in Turkey God healed his heart from hatred and revenge. Martha translated the column to English, so if you want a copy, write to her e-mail and she will gladly send it to you.
The Frederick Crowe Institute – training adults and teenagers since 1989

ber-6This is our main ministry in Guatemala. We have this year a total of 127 teenage students in our week day program and 63 adults in our Saturday program. Our school year runs from January to October. More than half our students have severe financial limitations needing help from a donor to reach their dream of leaving the circle of poverty that has trapped them for more than a generation. The Institute provides education in the levels of junior and senior high. Some 12 students come from the garbage dump in Zone 3 with the dream of getting an education to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. In our Saturday program there are a number of ex gang members who have been converted and are putting their lives together. Out of 83 students needing a sponsor this year, 42 students have a sponsor, but we need 19 more sponsors for our week day students, and 22 sponsors for our Saturday students. You can be a part by donating $35 a month for 10 months ($350). In this way you are not giving “fish” for one day, but teaching someone to fish for the rest of their life.

Proverbs 3:27-28 exhorts us: “Do not withold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor „Come back later; I‟ll give it tomorrow‟ when you now have it with you.”


Thank you for your prayers and gifts,
Dr. Samuel Berberian