Berberian: May 2016

AFTER MINI STROKE! News from Samuel Berberian

Instituto Federico Crowe, 4 Ave. 9-66,  Zona 1, 01001 Guatemala

Guatemala, May 31, 2016

Our dear close friends,

Near the beginning of this year we had surprises that invited us to think deeply about the years gone by, considering that they were not lived in vain and eventually sent us the “bill”! I graduated from the Buenos Aires Bible Institute in 1965 (Rev. Myron Voth gave me my diploma) and since then my life has been pretty much on “fast track” in the ministry.


In my personal situation, on Sunday, January 17 I awoke with a partial amnesia that lasted several weeks. After doing a series of medical exams, the neurologist defined the problem as a mini stroke, so for the next two months I had to cancel all my speaking engagements, both on the national and international level. Some of the meetings were covered by Iván Monzón, husband of our daughter Susy, and others were postponed till later.


Of course the routine of many years had to change drastically. After two months I began again to progressively drive my car, take engagements in the churches, and retake the guidance to several people that I am helping in their ministries. God is guiding me to restructure my life, keeping a relatively active life, sharing in several ministries where I am invited, such as Emmanuel Church in Sacoj Grande (photo below).


Thank God that the Sunday column in Prensa Libre never was interrupted since I had always prepared them ahead of time anyway (photo top right). The projection of the year is returning to normality, but remembering that youth got left behind in the photo album, I need to know how to act in the reality of my years (75), pleasing God and serving my fellow man. I thank you for your prayers so that in this period of transition I will continue to bear “fruit” in the ministry God has for me.

Some interesting things to note in recent months have been the activities with young people, such as the participation in a forum with 300, and later 400 young people at Lluvias de Gracia Church (photo below). Also I have had activities for couples’ groups and also for church leaders, with topics that are priority for today. I had an academic conference with theology students of SETEGUA and in the month of May I had six speaking engagements. Expository preaching is my specialty; I love to explain Bible topics.


Doulos Foundation, Frederick Crowe Institute, and Dr. Núñez Library.

As the founder of the Frederick Crowe Institute, it occupies an important place in our ministry, to help those who need a high school education but because of poverty, they need help with tuition so their dreams can come true. We can’t do it alone, but with the help of God and the help of each of you who sponsor a needy student by donating $35 dollars a month, or Q250. Thanks for helping these young people and adults to leave poverty behind by obtaining a high school education. 16 of our students still don’t have a sponsor. You (or your business) can make a difference in the life of one of these needy students.


Thank you for your prayers and also your donations,

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