Berberian: August 2017

Dear Friend,
I want to share with you what God, in his mercy, has permitted us to do in the months of April, May and June. After the mini-stroke I had in January 2016, I am thankful for a 85% recovery so that I can be useful to the Lord, to whom I dedicated my life when I was 16.

Since March 2014 I have not worked at the Universidad Panamericana as Dean of Theology. I was 73 at that time, and since then God has opened many doors to share His Word and give conferences on many topics. Each newsletter documents in pictures and text the open doors God has given me.

I thank God for Martha, who backs me up in many ways, as she has done since before we married, writing letters, taking pictures, apart from her own ministry.

I invite you to read the letter, re-send to your friends and family that might not receive it, and take a few minutes to pray for us, so that in our older years we can continue to be useful in the Lord’s work.

PDF Sam’s letter June 2017

If you want to print the letter, it is in 8.5 by 13 size.

It will be a joy to receive your news also. As the post office in Guatemala continues to be closed, we need to use e-mail to keep in touch.

Thanks for helping us as you can, in prayer, sponsoring a student from extreme poverty, or helping with our own support.

PDF Sam’s letter June 2017

Thank you!

Samuel Berberian

Doctor in Religion, BA in Theology

FaceBook: Samuel Berberian