Berberian: June 2019

WE ARE CALLED TO FILL NEEDS: News from Samuel Berberian

Dear Friend,

I want to share not only my activities but share from my heart some thoughts considering the years that are weighing on me. For many years the amount and type of activities have been my calling card for my best friends who surround me. I have been a “go-getter” for many years, but at this moment, I am more convinced than ever that the willingness to fill a need is much more important than a project that I may visualize or be interested in.

In these past few months, when I have sat down to listen to someone who came to talk to me, maybe I didn’t say much, but it is satisfying when they return and thank me for the time I spent with them and said that my words helped them very much. This doesn’t mean being passive, but being selective in doing things that need to be done. The major thing is: to please God in what we do and help our “neighbor” in what they need. I want to tell you that whenever I have given a sermon, a class, or counseled someone, you are a part of my ministry through your prayers especially. My gratitude is for your faithfulness and companionship. For example, as an illustration, we have been able to pay faithfully the quota each month to buy the building because of your collaboration, and I am sure that I can count on you for the two years left to pay. It is beautiful to walk holding on to God’s hand, but also accompanied by each of you. God bless each one.

In these past three months, the diversity of activities has been from a pastors’ retreat (photo top right), to pre-marital counseling, leading up to participating in the wedding of the young couple. I have also preached in different churches, on topics given me, perhaps one that the local leader cannot easily handle. I am glad to do it.

I gave classes in courses such as Anthropology, and another on Homiletics. I have been asked to speak on subjects such as: How to bring harmony among members of a congregation; The Christian’s testimony outside the Church; or The challenge to be productive not just active. I also taught in a men’s group a series from the Ten Commandments. I spoke in Luz de Esperanza church one Sunday; the photo top left is with the pastor and leader. Then I spoke on Father’s Day in Monte Carmelo Baptist Church (photo above).

A special blessing in recent months has been to see how our children are backing us up and being involved in what we are doing, and the vision that God has entrusted to us. Without a doubt, we need to recognize the vitality and creativeness of the younger generation, so we are grateful for their disposition to help and their activity also. Lisa is a member of the Board now (photo left). Steve and Susy have helped in various ways.

We have been asked about our personal support. We don’t have a fixed salary but are thankful for donations that come in each month, also from my speaking engagements. I have the habit of writing down every donation as it comes in, also writing down every expense. We want to be fully accountable to those who contribute to our work. Funds earmarked for the building fund or to sponsor a student of the Institute are given to those needs with receipts carefully provided.

The Frederick Crowe Institute is located at 4th Avenue 9-66, Zone 1, Guatemala City. It was bought through a 10-year bank loan with Banrural and is serving the people of Guatemala. We have been paying $2,000. each month. I don’t have words to express thanks for those of you who have helped by praying and donating. Any amount you can give is very welcome! Our home church in Topeka, Kansas handles our donations.