Martha Berberian: June 2019


Dear Friends,

TALENT SHOW. April started out with a Talent Show at Christian Academy of Guatemala where Susy (the kindergarten teacher) with her sister Lisa (the school principal), surprised everyone with their singing “Sisters”! Iván, Susy’s husband, accompanied them.

LISA IS OUR ASSISTANT. Since March Lisa is putting together the Mail chimp newsletters in English and Spanish, and is now on the Board of Doulos Foundation as Secretary, working with several others on a re-engineering of the Frederick Crowe Institute, which has been running for 30 years now, and needing a fresh focus. Lisa’s husband, Estuardo Pérez, continues in the car paint business. Their four children are still at home. Daniel continues with a clean bill of health. Andy is studying theology with Zion Christian University; of the 14 courses already completed, his favorites have been Hebrews and Hermeneutics (photo right).

BOOK TABLE. Folks love it when we have a book table at the end of church services. Our books are economical, the subjects are practical and easy to read for Guatemalans, since most don’t have the habit of reading. We have a book table once or twice a month.

PRISONERS READING. Francisco Chamorro (photo left) uses our books in several prisons in Huehuetenango area (see photo top right). It is a blessing to see folks reading books that can help them grow in the Lord. Ediciones SA-BER has the goal of transforming a life through reading a book.

Eight of our grandchildren live in Guatemala. Here I am with Susy’s four children.

CHANNEL 27. I was interviewed for Channel 27 (one of our Christian TV stations) aired May 7. I was asked about my teaching and writing, and asked to play my accordion! It seems only yesterday that at the age of 16 at a youth camp (Word of Life) I threw my stick into the fire during a consecration service and said, “Lord, send me.” God needs dedicated women today to serve Him. And if God can use a timid adolescent like me he can use anyone!

VIOLENCE PREVENTION. Our son-in-law, Ivan Monzon, was in six states in June, in the area of New York for meetings, visits, and classes for several weeks. God is using him to help churches face the problem of youth gangs, which relates directly to the dysfunctional home. He speaks to teenagers and counsels them as needed and trains counselors too.

WE STILL NEED MORE SPONSORS. Of the 60 students who needed scholarships in the Instituto Federico Crowe during last year and this, 30 have a sponsor for which we are very grateful. You are making a difference helping a teenager from the dump to leave poverty behind by getting a high school diploma. We need 30 more sponsors who can send in $35 a month, or $400 for the year. Maybe you have a friend who would like to invest in a young life in Guatemala. Francie Wilcox is church secretary at Community Church in Topeka, Kansas, and gladly forwards the funds for Guatemala Ministry.

Proverbs 3:27 “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”

Thanks for being our friends and praying for us old guys.