Cristobal Chamale

Pictured to the left are Christobal, Josue, Ixi, Rut and Christobal Jr.

Our vision is to develop spiritual movements in the key universities from Latin America through sports influential leaders.

For this reason we are committed for the next years to share the Gospel with sports leaders and potential leaders from those countries and lead them in their spiritual grow and train them to be effective sharing their faith with their family, friends, teammates, and beyond our borders.

To reach our goal:

  • We need your life, if you want to come and spend 1 or 2 years in one of our regional countries, you are welcome in our team. We need your expertise, if you are a coach, athlete, sports medicine doctor, physical trainer, physiotherapist, you can come and help us to do the ministry through your skills.
  • We need your financial support for our family and ministry needs, your resources will be invested to visit those countries to give training for our staff, volunteers and to reproduce and produce new materials to develop their ministry.

We need your prayers;

  • Please, ask the Lord to provide local leaders in all the countries with a heart and vision to use the sports to make a spiritual impact in our societies and for the resources that we need to be close to them and to give them the materials to do the job.
  • Please pray for our close walk with the Lord, for our family relations and to be diligent doing the ministry.
  • Pray for our kids, Cris jr. and his music ministry, Rut Ixmucane and her ministry with kids, and for Josue and his studies at the medicine faculty.

Thanks a lot for joining us in the adventure to establish spiritual movements everywhere in the sports world.

Cristobal is with Athletes in Action. He visited MorningStar Fort Mill and Jim Whitley and I (Jorge) were going to meet with Cris and through a gap in communications we ended up running into Sabrina Coulston at a coffee shop and she called Bob Jones and arranged an appointment. Bob prophesied over Cris some significant things that came to pass and Cris and his church are very hungry for more prophetic training and have agreed to host a live web stream MorningStar conference and hosts MFM.

Cristobal is over 14 Latin American nations, including Cuba. He has hosted 20-30 visiting CMM teams and many other sports and Christian teams and is a very humble servant and always a big help. His son, Cris Jr., has served in CMM as an intern. Daughter Rut, works with children in towns where we have sent medical teams.
Guatemala has open heavens and the doors for CMM are open to take the Gospel into public schools and we have shipped cargo with the assistance of the President and first lady.


  1. Cris needs help with support, living by faith.
  2. Cris is willing to go to Cuba with us and has been to 4 Olympics serving as a sports chaplain and his expenses for Cuba may run $1,000.00
  3. Help with supporting children through his daughter Rut at $30.00 per child per month.