Ivan Monzon

Mission: To support and equip churches and leaders in Guatemala to reduce social risks affecting youth in urban neighborhoods.

Our Goal for 2016: In 2016 we aim to reduce risks with reaching more than 3,000 youth in order to prevent problems such as suicide, VIH, bullying, addictions, intrafamily violence, gender-based violence and others.

Ivan Monzon is a Christian Psychologist and together with his wife Susy Berberian, Monzon their family they have served as counselors, youth pastors and Ivan contributed with a number of Christian Non-Profit organizations at the US, Mexico, Central and South America and for four years in Haiti. Ivan has been a writer, speaker and university professor for more than 10 years as well.

Now, God called the Monzon Berberian Family to serve in urban missions in Guatemala City with Doulos Foundation in preventing risk factors affecting youth in urban areas.

What do we do?

• Train local leadership including engaged churches, community representatives youth leaders and public functionaries to implement social risk reduction strategies

• Analyze the main risk factors affecting youth in each community together with the church

• Advise our partners in how to detect risk factors, how to make plans to transform these factors with using peace oriented methodologies

• Provide direct counseling to youth

Our Philosophy:

Doulos Foundation is a nonprofit organization, inspired in the Christian principles of excellence and integrity. We believe that love can impact the life of millions of youth living with oppression, exclusion and violence. We know that the best way to reach them is to reinforce the programs already working around them.

Please pray for us.

Support our ministry or get involved with the risk prevention actions in benefit to thousands of youth living in Guatemala which is one of the top 10 cities with more youth killing rates in the world.

Youth Culture Program and Youth Risk Prevention at Doulos Foundation

Our Vision
: More youth will discover a new life purpose and they will develop their own potential with the support of local initiatives.