Greetings Rehoboth Supporters!
We hope you are doing well. We are writing from the beautiful, sunny Caribbean today. Last Wednesday we touched down and have hit the ground running. It’s so good to see John again. Sunday, the members of our mother church in Petite-Anse gave us a hearty welcome back. We never dreamed that, when we left Haiti in May, all these months would pass before we were able to return. With all the rioting, shutting down of schools, and leaving Cap-Haitian in a state of paralysis, some of our leaders said this time was worse than the period under Aristide…and that was awful! They were, at least, able to find food during that period, but this time was so bad they were shut up in their houses and fearful of even leaving. After much prayer nationwide, it seems the enemies of the Lord have been put to silence and there is a great calm here, for which we’re thankful.


2020 is a year full of milestones for Rehoboth Ministries. On February 9, we will celebrate the founding of our mother church in Petite-Anse as she turns 30 years old. From her has spawned three other churches with the oversight of a fourth, making five churches. We have a team coming in from Virginia especially to celebrate this occasion with us. Pastor Mike Hennigan (Victory Christian Church, Goochland, VA), Pastor Victor Pena (Lux Church of Richmond, VA), and Andy Clark, President of Equipping the Nations Ministry (Richmond, VA) will be ministering in three of our churches on the same Sunday. Andy grew up in a missionary family in Monrovia, Liberia, and later served as a missionary to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He speaks fluent Haitian Creole. This team will also have some intense time meeting with the key leaders of our network and teaching in our Bible institute.
On May 30, our Bible institute will graduate its 10th promotion. Pastor John Finochio (Crossroads Life Church) of Harriston, Ontario, Canada, will be our special guest speaker. John always leaves a rich deposit behind from his teaching and prophetic gifts as well as his anointed music ministry.

Window of Opportunity

We will be returning stateside at the end of May. We see this time as a golden opportunity to receive teams. We have many projects lying dormant and your help would be such an encouragement to us.
We have an endless list of construction work that needs to be done. Would you like to send a construction team? If you’re reading this and saying, ‘’I have no abilities in this area,’’ then perhaps you would like to fund a project? We have Haitian builders who would be so very happy to have a job. We can give you information as to how your dollars can go a long way.
Perhaps you would like to just come and offer your services in another capacity? Write to us and we can see how we may be able to use you. In one of our recent updates, we shared a need for an intern for Dana, if you have abilities as a web developer, are familiar with, know your way around a computer pretty well, you’re our guy – or girl! 🙂

Great News!

Paid in Full – The last bill of Dana’s surgery in July 2017 has finally been paid in full. Many of you helped us to speed this along. We can’t tell you how much your giving has meant and the relief we feel to have this weight lifted!
Musical Instruments – Thanks to the incredible generosity of a thoughtful donor ($2,000 gift) and one of our supporting churches –  L’Assemblé de la Bonne Nouvelle in Montreal, Canada ($3,826.20), we are now able to purchase the much-needed musical instruments for our main church. We are so very grateful to the parties who made this possible. Would you join us in praying for the safe transport of all these instruments as well as the sound system which was purchased months ago? In addition to this, we have already shipped 3 beautiful guitars to Haiti which was donated by another faithful supporter. Our cup runs over!
New Vehicle – Many of you have been so faithful to give in to our vehicle fund. We are thrilled to say that we have made a transfer to the Toyota Dealership in Port-au-Prince to purchase a Toyota Rush for John. Prit and John will be flying to Port-au-Prince to pick up the vehicle soon, then will drive it back to Cap-Haitian. Whoo Hoo! Please pray for their safety as they drive the vehicle back to the north coast! – We ran into a glitch with our website and have just worked out the kinks. We have a new post up now. Check it out!
Intern Request – We posted this need in our last newsletter. If you have been a reader of Dana’s blog and are wondering why she’s not posted in several months, it’s because she needs someone with more expertise to help her. We truly need a helper in a variety of ways to give a month or two of their time to lessen the workload for us here. Even if you come to give assistance in reading articles or cooking meals, there are a wide variety of ways in which you can help.
Polo Shirts – Our Bible school professors were gifted with beautiful Polo shirts. They absolutely love their shirts and wanted to say a big ”thank you’’ to Tim and Kerry Dupree of Sophie’s Trophies in Jacksonville, N.C. Pastor Tim and Kerry also pastor one of our supporting churches called Redemption Church. They also gave yellow t-shirts to our musicians. I will share a picture of that in our next newsletter or you can check out our blog for we will surely be posting about it there too.

Major Need

Due to the ongoing protests, rioting, gangs terrorizing this nation, and the closing of schools, our leaders from our main school gathered together to share a deep need with us. For some time now, our schools have been able to operate on their own without having to ask for help with the payment of salaries. Thanks to Orphans Promise’s generous help, we have not had to raise funds for the feeding program either. We also have donors who give monthly into this need. We were so happy to have recently received a truckload containing 512 boxes of food to serve our staff and students.
However, this present problem is one of a different nature and came about by the special circumstances that have overridden the normal functioning of classes. Due to the students staying home for fear of reprisal if they went to school, there were two months where no funds came in to cover the teachers’ salaries. We told them we would just put this need out there if you all should feel led to help provide these salaries for our professors. The schools still need $6,708 in order to catch up.
Wedding Bells!
We have a great announcement to make! Drumroll please… Our son, Gabriel, has proposed to a beautiful young lady (Ciara Essy) and we will be returning to Portland for a June wedding! We met Ciara while attending the MFI Conference in October and she came to spend the Christmas holidays with us in North Carolina as well. We are very excited for Gabe and are looking forward to welcoming Ciara into the Adams family. Soon, we will have another Mrs. Adams.