Greetings in this new month of November. We had a wonderful time in the Pacific Northwest at the annual MFI Conference and stayed longer than usual to visit two of our supporting churches. Thank you, Living Waters, of Tillamook, Oregon, and Trinity Church of Tacoma, Washington, for hosting us and treating us like royalty. We greatly enjoyed the fellowship we had as well as the opportunity to minister. Thank you also to Travis and Rebecca Arnold for making your AirB&B available to us for several days. Of course, we relished the time we had with our son, Gabe, and took advantage of every opportunity between the conference and visiting churches to have quality time with him. Some very wonderful news is that John was able to make it safely out of Haiti and onto a flight to Miami. He then joined us in Portland. Our joy and relief of having him safe with us cannot be put into words. Spending time with old friends from PBC (Portland Bible College) as well as with Gabe was like a healing balm for his soul. He also accompanied us to Tillamook and Tacoma and has returned to Jacksonville with us.
After much deliberation and prayer, we finally decided to return home to North Carolina. We asked our leaders in Haiti what they thought about us returning and were advised to wait. We had hoped things would eventually calm down as they usually do. However, the situation has worsened since our last writing. All our schools, the feeding program, and our Bible institute are still closed. They did manage to have two weeks of school in September but had to shut everything down again due to threats from protesters who are determined to force President Jovenel Moïse from office. Businesses have been burned to the ground, hotels have closed, and one never knows from day to day if the streets will be filled with riots or not. The Mont Joli, a well-known hotel in Cap Haitian, closed down just a couple of weeks ago when an armed gang showed up there and threatened to cut their heads off if they didn’t close. One of our Bible school students has gone to the Dominican Republic to look for work as there is none to be found in Haiti. Because of gangs and thugs terrorizing the streets, the average Haitian is having difficulty making any money to buy food and provide for his family. Our hearts are very heavy for the people we know and love and who are passing through very difficult times. Yet, we have seen that the Lord does his best work in the midst of crisis. (Read Dana’s latest article at
One positive element is that our churches are meeting for prayer every evening and breaking up early to avoid confrontation with gang members on the streets. They have also been conducting all-night prayer vigils. Pastor Delinx and our elders are doing a stellar job overseeing the churches in our absence. In the midst of the direst circumstances, they are proving themselves faithful.

Food Drive

Pastors Tim and Kerry Dupree of Redemption Church here in Jacksonville raised $315 to send to Haiti in order to target our neediest members. We also need your help with this food drive! We are unable to have the feeding program at present for our teachers and students in our schools due to the unrest in the streets. However, it is safer to put a little money in the hands of our neediest church members so they can go buy a little food from the marché. Meanwhile, we ask you to pray so that we can get the feeding program back up and running in our schools. For now, you can use the info. below and earmark your gift as Haiti/Food Drive.

Food For Thought 

John posted this story on his Facebook page. It gives an inside look at the tragedy that is unfolding in Haiti.
”Tragic stories like this one continue to multiply as the Haitian people are held hostage by the power-hungry.’’ – John