Dear Rehoboth Partners,

It is a gorgeous, sunny day here in Jacksonville. We are counting our blessings as we have come through Hurricane Dorian unscathed. We had beautiful showers here and some wind, but never even lost electricity. We do wonder how some of you fared and have been praying for protection for all those who were (and still are) in Dorian’s path. For those who might want to help the less fortunate who are trying to piece their lives back together, we can recommend a wonderful ministry. Mercy Chefs is always one of the first to arrive at the scene of a disaster. They are all equipped to immediately set up kitchens, then provide meals for thousands who are in dire need. We personally know its director, Gary Leblanc, for they have been to Haiti to install a water system on our main compoundClick on the link if you’d like to help donate to those who are suffering in the aftermath of the hurricane.

We Remember

August 31st marked the ninth year since we returned from Canada. It’s hard to believe next year will make a decade. This is even more reason to give thanks today as we remember Prit’s close brush with death. Because of where we’ve been and what we’ve been through, we feel so compelled to do even more with the days we have left. If you have just recently started to receive our Rehoboth Updates, you can check out Dana’s book, Into the Storm, which shares about this crisis which turned to triumph. It is available on


Many thanks go to those special donors who responded to our last letter. The laptop has already been provided for Frantz Dorvil and he is elated to be able to do his school assignments now with it. Also, $1,000 has come in to help buy instruments for our worship team in our main church. We still need help with this need. As soon as we return to Haiti, we will have back-to-back conferences (Youth and Leadership) and we really need those instruments! We have two pastors who are also in need of laptops if someone else would like to help. We will place these needs as well as others at the bottom of this page.


Breaking News!

While typing this letter, we received an e-mail from a donor saying they were sending $7,000 to help John with his vehicle fund. This brings the total up to $34,073! Our goal was $35,000. We would also like to put a bumper guard on the front and back of the vehicle which would be an additional $2,500 if someone would like to help with that. Praise the Lord!

Speaking Engagements

We have so enjoyed traveling and visiting with donors while being stateside.

Sunday, we spoke at Joy Assembly in Southport, NC. Their pastors, Bill and Donna Byrd, are close friends from way back to 1977. It was great to meet its members. This Sunday, (8 Sept.), we will be at Northwood Temple in Fayetteville for both services. If you would like us to come to a meeting, we have just a few Sundays left. In the first week of October, we will be leaving for the MFI Conference in Portland, Oregon. We have two churches to visit there, they will make our way back to Haiti around mid-October. We have a very busy year lined up with conferences, a ministry retreat, plus teams coming down to work in needed areas.

Pray for Haiti

We especially need prayer for Haiti. Our son, John, is back there working now. How we need your prayers for his safety and for those of our Haitian brethren who are affiliated with our ministry on the ground there. Haiti becomes more and more dangerous due to the many problems which have escalated within the government. One of our university students wrote and said the price of gas has doubled. It is now a whopping $13 US a gallon! This places a huge burden on us in getting our two students out to Limbé five days a week. Pray for relief! Below is an excerpt from John.

John –

Well, we made it almost 3 weeks before our first day canceled due to unrest. I was actually already at school when the decision was made to cancel. Parts of the road on the way looked like a war zone—large rocks, burned tires, and car chassis dragged 3/4 of the way across the road. The police were not very visible, suggesting that the trouble might not be over. Monday is supposed to be the first day of school for most schools nationwide. If the gas crisis is still not resolved by then, there will be a lot more anger. One of our workers thought he was being smart by stocking up on gas ahead of time and selling it for $70 Haitian (about $3.30 US) per gallon (the normal price is about $2.45). People bought his gas and are now reselling it for $250 Haitian (over $13 US) per gallon. If things keep going this way, there will be a coup d’état.

Our schools are supposed to start up this Monday and we have hungry students who will be wanting to return, not only for an education but to eat. To say we need much prayer for the situation there is an understatement.

   Food for Thought

“If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together.” – African Proverb

To accomplish all that we have in 36 years would not have been possible without the help of you, our donors. With you, we can not only run but run far! Our strength is in numbers. Those who have joined hands with us are helping us take the Gospel to the nation of Haiti through feeding and educating children, training up leaders, establishing local churches, and providing medical care, only to name a few.


  • Completion of John’s Vehicle Fund Total: $35,500.  (including bumper guards) $38,000   Total Raised: $34,073
  • Funds for musical instruments
  • 2 Dell laptops for 2 of our pastors $350 each
  • We have a sound system that will be en route to Haiti around October. Please pray that it will arrive intact and that we won’t be charged an excessive amount of money at Customs.
  • An intern who will volunteer 1-2 months to help Dana with secretarial work.
  • A renter for our home in Jacksonville, NC, while we are in Haiti


September 8:Northwood Temple Church, (Fayetteville, NC) (both services)

October 4:    Leave for MFI Conference 

October 7-9: MFI 2019 Conference (Portland, OR)

October 13: Living Water Fellowship, Tillamook, OR)

October 20: Trinity Church, Tacoma, WA

October 21: Return to Haiti