Turmoil and Chaos vs God’s Plans

If you have been following our Facebook posts you know Haiti has been in intense turmoil for the past two weeks. The city and country have been in almost total lockdown due to political unrest in the nation. Today is a total lockdown with manifestations of violence throughout the city. In the past two weeks, the opposition to the government has burned gas stations, pharmacies, police stations, and cars. Roadblocks with Rocks, blocks and burning tires have put pedestrian travel and commerce at a standstill. We’ve gone through one fuel shortage only to have a short reprieve and now the country has fallen into another fuel shortage. Without fuel, it’s not just cars that don’t run. Generators cannot run, which puts a halt to running water, refrigeration, lights etc. The food you now have begins to spoil. Drinkable water and ice are now in short supply. And as of last night, there has been a call to civil war. Linda and I have experienced a lot over the past 33 years, but beloved this is the worst I’ve ever seen.

We need your help!

First, we call all our partners and friends to pray for Haiti as you have never prayed before. Pray for God’s peace for Haiti. Pray for God’s security and protection for us, the church, and innocent people. Pray God’s Kingdom Come! His will be done”! in the nation of Haiti.
Secondly, we need to ask for financial aid. We’ve done well creating some of our financial income from Haiti. However, at this time this has all come to a halt. The banks have been closed for 2 weeks. Payments for Morning Star, tithes and offerings to the church have come to a complete standstill. Finances we create here also subsidizes our feeding program. At the moment we cannot buy food or transport food to children that depend on us as well.  We have staff that depends on their salary to survive and we are in a cash flow crunch!
Please, would you consider receiving and sending a special love offering at this time? It is an emergency or I would not ask. You can snail mail your offering to our stateside office or you can send via PayPal through CMM. Anything you could pull together and send will be a great blessing.