Threadgill: April 2015

photo3Dear Beloved,
I write to you today with a great urgency. Easter Eve we had a huge rain. Inches and Inches in a very short period of time. Flash flooding was everywhere in the city. Water running through our campus was 4 Ft. high. Then the unimagined happens. The rivers of water undermined our retaining wall at the church washing away half the wall and almost taking the new building. (I’ve attached pictures). Never in a million years did I ever think that wall would go, but it did.

We are now in a , CONSTRUCTION STATE OF EMERGENCY. We have to move fast just to not loose the building. And it’s still raining every night. We are moving track hoes, back hoes, crane and dump trucks to the site  now. Engineer/contractor Bill Shelton is on his way to Haiti as I write this email. We will be meeting a specialist from CA. Who specializes in retaining walls, drainage and earthquake construction today at 3:00 pm. First and foremost is to shore up the corner of the building to hold it until we can work on the new designed retaining wall….WE START TOMORROW.
photoThis will be expensive… like $100K expensive. I need to raise a quick 50K just  to get started. I know God will do it…. but I need your help.  I want to ask every pastor to consider a love offering from your church. I need to ask every partner to seek the Lord to see if He would have you to donate a gift. Whether your gift is $10 or should it be $10,000…every gift is necessary at this very moment. You can send your love gift

ON THE UP SIDE… Over 8,000 came to worship on Easter Morning service. No electric, No sound, No PA system, No Music. The worship was like a giant mass choir. Pastor Chad, Elevate International Ministries preached with interpreter with no mic. 33 people accepted Jesus. The devil could not stop the praise of the saints…. We have the victory.
photo 2Linda and I want you to know we love you all. Thank you for standing with us in this crises and may God richly bless you and your family.
In His Service,
Pastors Jay & Linda