Vincent: August 2017

Hi everybody!

I pray that you are well. We are having a mega clinic day on August 13th for 300 elderly people in the community of Cite Soleil with Doctor Dick Anstett with a group of medical people from USA. It’s a blessing!

And the elderly people ask for food. They are begging me to give some food during the clinic day. So I pray about it and I jus want to share it with you. Can you help me please give them some food? It will cost $20 per person per bag. It will be 10 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 1 crowd of oil and 1 can of fish. It will be a life saving package for a week it depends of the size of the family. Praise God!

Doctor Dick Ansett already raises $900 dollars. We still need to raise $ 5100 dollars and we have a short time in front of us. If you are interesting to give, please call me on 011 509 3860-8297 or click on the following link to donate :

To God be the glory!