Vincent: September 2017

Greeting to you all !
I am so glad to let you know that we have teacher’s seminar for 3 days. That will help them to be better teacher for the kids. As you know, there is 500 000 children not in School in Haiti. That means education is very important for the nation of Haiti. We are believed in God for the best. Please! Read the text that I sent to you earlier and I think that you could be a part. Pray and be a part of that great need. JESUS + EDUCATION = SUCESS

If you need to donate, please contact us directly on Facebook or my phone number: 011 509 3860-8297
And I am asking you to agree with in Prayer for all my friends and the people in Texas for them to be safe while they are facing their own strategy.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD


Help the needy children with a Pack to School this year opening September 5, 2017.
With only $25, one time donation, you could help and support kids who are really in needs to go to school to learn. Those underprivileged children, that’s the only opportunity they will have to get a bread of education for their future life and to go to school with a beautiful school bag. Together, let us keep fighting against illiteracy. You may not be able to save the hold world but you could save someone for the world.
For now, This is how you could send your donation or you can send it by Western Union under the name of Astrel Vincent
Instructions for wire transfer
Corresponding bank : Bank of new york
Fedwire ABA # 021000018
Swift # IRVT US 3 N
Banque de l’Union Haitienne
For further credit :
Beneficiary Name: fondation Bon Samaritain Haiti mission
Acc # 9004009967


First day session of teacher’s training seminar. 2 more days to go. They are 40 teachers come from all over Haiti to different of our school are in Port-au-Prince for this event and it is a learning session. They are so happy and we thank God for this moment.   JESUS + EDUCATION = JESUS

Finally, we end the 3rd day. Truly we had a great Trainer and Pastor Bo was a blessing. Everybody has a CERTIFICATE for being in that teacher’s seminar for 3 days and I pray that will be a great impact in the life of thousands of children in Haiti. My goals is to see the children raise up into the Godly principles to be the future leaders of Haiti. The school will reopen on Monday. That means we will start in other year by faith. God always makes a way.

Keep us in prayer and remember those who are facing strategy in Texas.

To God be the glory !