Vincent: September 2017

Greeting to you all !
I am so glad to let you know that we have teacher’s seminar for 3 days. That will help them to be better teacher for the kids. As you know, there is 500 000 children not in School in Haiti. That means education is very important for the nation of Haiti. We are believed in God for the best. Please! Read the text that I sent to you earlier and I think that you could be a part. Pray and be a part of that great need. JESUS + EDUCATION = SUCESS

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Threadgill: July 2017

In the past 30 years, Fishers of Men Ministries International has seen God move in amazing ways in the lives of the Haitian people. There have been challenging times, most recently the horrific earthquake in January of 2010 or the devastating hurricane, Matthew in October of 2016. These catastrophic events were an opportunity for FOMM to be the hands and feet of Christ to bring aid and comfort to hundreds of hurting people who needed to know they were loved and not alone. With the help of our friends and partners, who responded in love financially or with their time to come to Haiti to be a part of the relief efforts, Fishers of Men Ministries Int’l, was able to help rebuild homes and churches for the areas of the island that were destroyed by these natural disasters.

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Threadgill: June 2017




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Severe: October 2016

To all,
I couldn’t spend another day without sharing with you, the joy and happiness I had seen lighting on the little faces of our children, because of people like you. On behalf of the kids, I seize the opportunity to say thank you so very much to: Victory Harvest Church, Christ Chapel, Front Line Men’s Ministry, etc…. For your love and generosity toward this noble cause. Have a blessed year 2015 with the divine protection of God Almighty!
 Elder Severe

Severe: October 2016

  1. Feeding in a monthly basis 375 kids, possible 100 young people in vocational training plus 24 staff, should be around: $8000 (USD). Feeding our children is a major concern. In the USA, the needy children have access to breakfast and lunch, that’s the reasons why they are performed better. Children won’t be able to focus in class with an empty belly from; 7:45am to 2:00 pm daily.
  2. Since you’ve a large cafeteria ready to go, but needed: tables, chairs, kitchen supplies including stove and freezer. All these could be done with a onetime expense of: $3500 (USD)
  3. The cost to secure the payroll of 26 teachers and staff for both Educational and Vocational Training is only: $ 5000 (USD) in a monthly basis. We are one of the few schools in the country that provides free Educational services and Vocational Services for years (since 1972). Unfortunately, we had been forced to shut down the vocational part due to lack of funds.
  4.  School supplies, office and furniture’s are needed, a mini Vans is needed to pick-up the kids who leave more than 15 miles from the school  and to transport anyone (KIDS, STAFF &MISSIONARIES) in case of sickness,  etc..
  5. Our water plant needs major repairs to become more efficient. We are providing pure water to the community in order to prevent the spread of cholera; cost could be: $ 6000 (USD). We need to purchase a small water bag machine and supplies, to fill and seal the water for the community and add up an electric pump to produce more clean water.
  1. After hurricane Matthew, major repairs in needed in the most part of the campus, minimum cost: $10000 (USD).
  2. Need to build a three large bedrooms upstairs in order to shelter better the next victims of future natural disasters, cost would be around $12000 (USD).
If your work would require more details information or materials, please feel free to let me know. We are glad to cooperate with you and look forward to working with you for many years to advance the kingdom of God through social services.
Rev: Willy SEVERE

Threadgill: July 2016

Hello Saints,

I trust all of you are catching some of that summer fun and hopefully some time off from the grind. Linda and I along with our staff are working to prepare for our next school year. We have run into some temporary challenges but our faith is strong in our Lord and we know, we have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Threadgill: April 2015

photo3Dear Beloved,
I write to you today with a great urgency. Easter Eve we had a huge rain. Inches and Inches in a very short period of time. Flash flooding was everywhere in the city. Water running through our campus was 4 Ft. high. Then the unimagined happens. The rivers of water undermined our retaining wall at the church washing away half the wall and almost taking the new building. (I’ve attached pictures). Never in a million years did I ever think that wall would go, but it did.

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MorningStar Missions to Haiti Report

by Jorge Parrott

Christ’s Mandate for Missions came under the umbrella of MorningStar in 2009. Combined, we now have more than 500 missionaries in the field, as well as schools and orphanages on several different continents. For more information about these missions, please go to our website at

The second team of nurses and disaster relief volunteers are finishing up and returning to the U.S. as this is being written. Teams are going each week to work under Pastor Vincent’s supervision, the overseer of  he CMM/MorningStar mission in Haiti.

There is much to do. Our focus is to repair Pastor Vincent’s home, church, school, perimeter wall, and roof, for security. Even with the devastation all around, Pastor Vincent led a Pastor’s Conference that attracted 500 pastors and workers January 27 – 30. This was possibly the first conference of any type after the earthquake, and for it to be held in those conditions was an extraordinary testimony of the resilience of the church that is in Haiti.

A new MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) chapter is also being formed in Haiti as a conduit for spiritual and physical aid to the country. With 90 percent of the infrastructure and buildings of the country destroyed, and at this writing, nearly a quarter of a million confirmed dead and multitudes more seriously injured, this may be the greatest opportunity for a nation to be reborn, and we are committing ourselves to this end.

MorningStar has been training MFM members and MFC pastors in disaster relief, and now we are able to send support teams to help Pastor Vincent and his leaders in the healing and mobilization efforts. CISM, CERT, and IDRN trained counselors will be helping the hurting pastors and leaders in the recovery process. MorningStar friends, Frank Gresham, Tom Hayes, Joseph Michel, and others have given invaluable help to our teams and more teams are making plans and raising funds to help in a variety of ways, based on their giftings and callings. Times like this show the resiliency and diversity of gifts and callings rising to the surface and shining with God’s glory.

We have also had many interns from MorningStar University, with Stephen Alls, CMM volunteers, and MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries, under Director Tom Hardiman, rallying the troops from all across America, Canada, and elsewhere.

CMM/MS has mobilized our pastors and missionaries in the Dominican Republic to rally to the aid of her neighbors. Victor Rodriguez, Jose and Jacqeline Javier, and Veronica Freites are helping their friend, Pastor Vincent, in any way they can. This is the unity spoken of in Psalm 133 and John 17. CMM/MS is blessed in many nations to have friends and pastors, leaders, and church members rally together to pray for each other and connect and help each other in times of need. CMM/MS is an army of ambassadors from heaven sent to bring God’s will to earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for your generous prayers and support for God’s army marching toward eternity gathering saints all rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Captain of the Host of the Army. You will receive the same reward as those on the front lines for your generous investment in rebuilding Haiti. One hundred percent of funds will be used to help Haitians move on to their bright future.

The following article appeared in The Palm Beach Post and talks about the CMM/MS work in Haiti being led by Pastor Vincent, and illuminates some of the conditions that exist and questions that are being asked there.