Vincent: September 2017

Greeting to you all !
I am so glad to let you know that we have teacher’s seminar for 3 days. That will help them to be better teacher for the kids. As you know, there is 500 000 children not in School in Haiti. That means education is very important for the nation of Haiti. We are believed in God for the best. Please! Read the text that I sent to you earlier and I think that you could be a part. Pray and be a part of that great need. JESUS + EDUCATION = SUCESS

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Pastor Vincent: December 2014

Vincent: November 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your prayers. Following the storm Sandy in Haiti, the orphanage and I are safe but the country and the community are at work. In Cite Soleil there is a lot of damage recoding to the news reports: 55 people dead, 20 others missing and about twenty others who are already suffering from cholera, and about 200 are hospitalized.

The league of Pastors in my community Cite Soleil (presently the president) has approximately 300 pastors who are in DESPERATE need and the majority of them have church members who lost their homes and small businesses. I am very concern with this difficult situation that we going through. Once again I asking you for your prayer and your assistance.

I would like organize food distribution by bags that will cost $ 20 per family. That will include 10 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 1 can of fish in tomato sauce, soap, toothpaste, brushes and 5 ounces of Clorox.

With your help and your support we can make a difference to the life of those people who have been suffering for so long.

Let God use you to make a difference.

It takes so little to do so much.

May Heaven bless you,

Pastor Vincent
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Pastor Vincent: Updated January 2012

Pastor Vincent wants to thank all the partners/donors who helped feed over 4,000 children on December 22 & 29 in Cite’ Soleil Haiti. The children received a nutritious hot meal with chicken and vegetables and a new toy. For many of the children this is the only time all year they receive some meat.

We thank God for the generous gifts of over $30,000. committed to the new orphanage home. Anna and I were there in October and were so impressed with the polite manners and proper speaking and vocabulary of these precious children as young as three years old. We invite you if you are given the opportunity to visit Haiti to see yourself what the Lord is doing through Pastor Vincent and his able leaders.We do need prayers for the overall plan of paying the funds, now at $5,000, to pay for the legal registration of the deed of the new land given by the government of Cite Soleil. Next in line would be a perimeter security fence and then the construction of a boys and girls house.

We thank you for your prayers and should the Lord give you any strategic or prophetic word or prayer, please email us at missions

Vincent: February 2011

From:Nathan Dodge: Missions Intern

Dear Family and Friends,

Being right in the middle of the mystery and adventure God has laid out before us is the most amazing place a person can be on earth. I pray that you would be in that place, however it looks for you!

I had an interesting experience early this morning. I was walking outside and saw this cat sitting near the back door. Like most animals here he is looking for food but but is always on lookout in case someone comes to close, always running off if I tried to touch him. This morning I stopped for a moment and let him come to me. After he smelled my hand he let me pet him and once he felt that he couldn’t get enough. He started circling me, rubbing against my legs like we where good friends. The transformation was in a moment and I could have easily missed the opportunity. If I have learned anything here it would be that showing even the smallest affection/love to someone who needs it can have a huge impact. This is exactly what Vincent is doing with the nearly 30 orphans who have been living in his home for three months now. There are actually 5 more children coming this week and last night we had 3 extra American visitors. Vincent one few I know who, everyday, takes everything he has and uses it to serve those around him. Just living here for a month I have been deeply impacted and I fallen in love the people.

Friday I leave for the States and in a few hours we are headed to the mountain church, a 6 hours drive. The area is beautiful mountain farmland about a mile high, so cooler! I was there in May and loved it and have some unfinished exploring to do there so this will be a great way to end the trip.

I have been so blessed to be here working with Pastor Vincent. I came down to work on some projects but was nearly broke and he took great care of me. I would like to give you two opportunities to sow into his ministry if you would like to. One, you can send a check to the following address made out to MorningStar Missions with “Vincent Haiti” in the memo. Two, I have been working on both the School and Orphanage sponsorship programs and will be sending out the info when I get back to school. Either way anything you feel led to give would be a huge blessing here.

Well, won’t have internet in the mountains but will be back in the States soon so I can post pictures such.

I love you all and God Bless, Nathan

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


Vincent: January 2011

Report from Nathan Dodge, Missions Intern

Dear Family and Friends,

I am in Haiti and doing fine. This is the first time I have internet here or I would have gotten a message out sooner.

I am staying at Pastor Vincent’s house, same place I stayed at in May, in a tent. The 34 orphans, who live here now, are already teaching me Creole an French. I attached a picture I just took of me and Wendy (Went-zy) the youngest boy here. Later this morning we are picking up Fresh Fire Ministries at the airport for their week long crusade that starts next week.

Thank you all for helping me get here and for all your prayers. I Will write more soon but have to get going now. If you want to contact me send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

God Bless, Nathan Dodge

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7
“The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Vincent: October 2010


The primary thing in combating cholera is pure water.  So the most helpful thing will be to have water filters or other water purifying equipment since cholera is spread by contaminated water.

Cholera meds needed urgently for Haiti
The treatment of cholera starts with hydration.  They can have massive diarrhea, so replacement of fluid is primary.  For that you can either use oral hydration with rehydration salt packets that you add to purified water or IV fluids for those unable to drink, or drink fast enough to keep up.  Antibiotics are used to decreased transmission and shorten the duration, but are not necessary.  The best antibiotics to use are ciprofloxacin (or another in the same class of fluoroquinolones)  or doxycycline.    The other thing to have on hand is a lot of disinfectant, like chlorine bleach, to disinfect areas where there are infected people.

So – where to get these supplies.  WHO makes rehydration salts and would be a good place to start.  For IV fluids and administration sets you could try World MAP in Brunswick GA, International Aid in Spring Lake, MI.  I would expect other large NGO’s would have these also.  They also may have the antibiotics.  It actually doesn’t take too much antibiotic (usually just one dose will do if you’re in short supply – or max of 3 day treatment) – so if you wanted to purchase some, I could help you.  Doxy and cipro are actually not very expensive.

John Seaman, MD

Vincent: Janurary 2010

Updates from the first CMM team in Haiti–Lives Saved!

Hello Praying Saint,

Thank you for praying and giving. Our first team into Pastor Vincent in Citi Soleil saw lives being saved. The team left Santo Domingo early Monday morning and we knew it would be good to have armed DR military guards along for the ride. Several near riots occurred as starving, thirsty Haitians saw our vans with water and food coming through. They arrived safely at Vincent’s school compound and gave out water and food to many. Vincent estimates between 1,000 and 2,000 had been staying in the school building.

Just three days ago Vincent wrote of the horror of hearing voices under the rubble and not being able to move the heavy rubble to save people. That kind of trauma often stays with a person a long time. Soon, we will have special CISM counselors there to help debrief and comfort these precious folks. You can help send the comforters. CISM is the program recommended by the UN for disaster counseling.

Port Au Prince is devastated. In some places more than half of the buildings are fallen and unsafe. Dead bodies lie in piles awaiting pick up. When reports had come in of available food and water in some other area, many people were fearful of the unsafe conditions and did not want to leave their neighborhoods. We have a dear friend, Victor Rodriguez, of Santo Domingo, DR, making supply runs each day back to the DR border from PAP.

MorningStar is mobilizing teams from the awesome Disaster Relief training completed since the time of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Much has been learned and many strategic relationships have been formed with well trained, knowledgeable organizations like and and many other well run, professional organizations that are on the leading edge of real, effective, efficient, compassionate disaster relief. Soon, more than 50,000 meals will be served daily. Water will be filtered and given to all the thirsty ones.

At this time we are limiting teams to Phase 1 first responders who have certifications from CERT, IFOC, CISM, or medically licensed. We believe it will be a short time before willing hearts and backs can go in. First, we must assure our people that security is in place and volunteers will not be endangered. So, do contact us at and let us know of your readiness and ability to pay your own way. We will use you, you will work, you will get dirty, and you might get broken.

Some great friends are offering telemed services connecting our Doctors and Nurses in Haiti to John Hopkins University, the University of Edinburgh, and the top medical facilities in the world. Portable water filtration plants are on the way. over 500 cargo containers of urgent food and resources from many different ministries and humanitarian aid groups are being coordinated. We should be very proud to live in such a giving nation.

Yes, bring medical supplies. We can write a letter for donations, etc. Most airlines are waiving charges for excess baggage, check your carrier. Yes, those items listed are most needed. At Vincent’s compound and nearby field hospital being set up. We are in network with many large ministries, as in Katrina days, and we all share resources and people, so everyone stays busy and our first priority is helping as many in need as possible.Yes, bring food for yourselves, although, with each week, we see improvements in that. That may change and you may not have to bring food, it depends. Yes, 7 days is all we recommend due to potential trauma.

Our first team got in yesterday and saved some lives. We have water coming in each day now, and food, so survival is met for our key friends of about 2,000. We had almost $10,000 come in yesterday, Praise God! Medical teams and tele-meds being pledged, although satcoms phones are being jammed due to traffic. We are lining up ham radios for base camp in SC and one in Haiti.

You are making a difference. 100% of funds given is going into Haiti. Not many of the large aid groups can attest to that.

Please tell other churches and groups of the great training in Disaster Response offered and we invite you to get prepared yourself.

Many are speaking of seeing a New Haiti. Pray for the New Haiti and what that might look like. We have an opportunity to shape what the New Haiti will be like. Quality education, adequate nutrition, quality health care, truth and justice and righteousness prevailing in all sectors of government, business, and education. We all desire that for every nation. Haiti gives the world that opportunity to bring restoration to a land devastated by this horrendous disaster. Let’s unite to help the less fortunate and share the kind of love they are longing so much for and many have been missing for a long, long time.

Thanks for praying. Jorge and many volunteers.

Vincent: Christmas 2007

Haiti-Feed Poor Children At Christmas
Help CMM feed 5,000 poor Haitian Children again this year.

We have $250,000 Food and Clothes Waiting to Ship.

Haiti-Feed Poor Children At Christmas
$250,000 Food and Clothes Waiting to Ship
Astrel Vincent

Time and PlaceStart Time:
Monday, October 15, 2007 at 8:50pm
End Time:
Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 5:50pm
City Soleil slum
Broken Hearts Being Touched and Blessed
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Contact InfoPhone:
Pastor Vincent Feeds 5,000 children every Christmas with a warm meal of chicken and vegetables. This is the only meat many of them get all year.

We have been offered 20,000 lbs. of food, clothes, and books, valued at $250,000. We need $3,800 to pay for shipping and $20,000 for food and a toy for each child.
Go to for more info.

See photos from last year at: