Vincent: November 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your prayers. Following the storm Sandy in Haiti, the orphanage and I are safe but the country and the community are at work. In Cite Soleil there is a lot of damage recoding to the news reports: 55 people dead, 20 others missing and about twenty others who are already suffering from cholera, and about 200 are hospitalized.

The league of Pastors in my community Cite Soleil (presently the president) has approximately 300 pastors who are in DESPERATE need and the majority of them have church members who lost their homes and small businesses. I am very concern with this difficult situation that we going through. Once again I asking you for your prayer and your assistance.

I would like organize food distribution by bags that will cost $ 20 per family. That will include 10 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 1 can of fish in tomato sauce, soap, toothpaste, brushes and 5 ounces of Clorox.

With your help and your support we can make a difference to the life of those people who have been suffering for so long.

Let God use you to make a difference.

It takes so little to do so much.

May Heaven bless you,

Pastor Vincent
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MorningStar Missions to Haiti Report

by Jorge Parrott

Christ’s Mandate for Missions came under the umbrella of MorningStar in 2009. Combined, we now have more than 500 missionaries in the field, as well as schools and orphanages on several different continents. For more information about these missions, please go to our website at

The second team of nurses and disaster relief volunteers are finishing up and returning to the U.S. as this is being written. Teams are going each week to work under Pastor Vincent’s supervision, the overseer of  he CMM/MorningStar mission in Haiti.

There is much to do. Our focus is to repair Pastor Vincent’s home, church, school, perimeter wall, and roof, for security. Even with the devastation all around, Pastor Vincent led a Pastor’s Conference that attracted 500 pastors and workers January 27 – 30. This was possibly the first conference of any type after the earthquake, and for it to be held in those conditions was an extraordinary testimony of the resilience of the church that is in Haiti.

A new MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) chapter is also being formed in Haiti as a conduit for spiritual and physical aid to the country. With 90 percent of the infrastructure and buildings of the country destroyed, and at this writing, nearly a quarter of a million confirmed dead and multitudes more seriously injured, this may be the greatest opportunity for a nation to be reborn, and we are committing ourselves to this end.

MorningStar has been training MFM members and MFC pastors in disaster relief, and now we are able to send support teams to help Pastor Vincent and his leaders in the healing and mobilization efforts. CISM, CERT, and IDRN trained counselors will be helping the hurting pastors and leaders in the recovery process. MorningStar friends, Frank Gresham, Tom Hayes, Joseph Michel, and others have given invaluable help to our teams and more teams are making plans and raising funds to help in a variety of ways, based on their giftings and callings. Times like this show the resiliency and diversity of gifts and callings rising to the surface and shining with God’s glory.

We have also had many interns from MorningStar University, with Stephen Alls, CMM volunteers, and MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries, under Director Tom Hardiman, rallying the troops from all across America, Canada, and elsewhere.

CMM/MS has mobilized our pastors and missionaries in the Dominican Republic to rally to the aid of her neighbors. Victor Rodriguez, Jose and Jacqeline Javier, and Veronica Freites are helping their friend, Pastor Vincent, in any way they can. This is the unity spoken of in Psalm 133 and John 17. CMM/MS is blessed in many nations to have friends and pastors, leaders, and church members rally together to pray for each other and connect and help each other in times of need. CMM/MS is an army of ambassadors from heaven sent to bring God’s will to earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for your generous prayers and support for God’s army marching toward eternity gathering saints all rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Captain of the Host of the Army. You will receive the same reward as those on the front lines for your generous investment in rebuilding Haiti. One hundred percent of funds will be used to help Haitians move on to their bright future.

The following article appeared in The Palm Beach Post and talks about the CMM/MS work in Haiti being led by Pastor Vincent, and illuminates some of the conditions that exist and questions that are being asked there.