Willy Severe


Fondation Severe d’Haiti was created from the vision of one single man, Reverend Celebrum Sévère. Rev. Sévère was deeply moved by the impact of poverty and diseases on Haitian children. He decided to set up orphanages in order to care for those children which were either abandoned by their parents or whose parents were deceased.

Founded in 1972 in Haiti as a private endeavor, the Fondation focused its main activities on improving the quality of life for the inhabitants of Vaudreuil, one of the 10 communes of Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. The foundation’s initiatives included providing assistance to children and young adults. While located in the fertile Plaine du Cul de Sac, Croix des Bouquets has inherited dry lands with meager farming possibilities which led to striking poverty. In that region, as it is throughout the rest of the island, illiteracy rate is very high. A large number of children are incapable of attending school due to lack of transportation. Since its creation, the foundation has attempted to address the root causes of poverty and diseases by focusing on the community’s lack of clean water supply, poor housing conditions, sanitation, malnutrition, education and health. It started this venue by focusing mostly on the community’s youth deprived of parental care and young adults in need by providing them with the basic necessities while guiding them spiritually

Even today, 44 years later, our mission continues to focus on the poor and the most vulnerable while using the gospel of Jesus Christ as our mandate. We continually seek to help those most in need by providing assistance on the basis of scarcity.

While expanding, the need for accrued resources for the assistance of community children in the areas of food, shelter, education, health care and vocational training have constituted a constant source of worry to the foundation.

Some 30 staff members (including part time and temporary staff) are working actively in developing projects for the community revival of Plaine du Cul de Sac’s region.

Fondation Severe d’Haiti started the 21st century by strengthening its core activities particularly on issues related to child survival and poverty alleviation. It became more active in working with street children in the Port-au-Prince region. For the past 18 years more than 375 street children have received more than one meals, education and preventive health care.

II. – Structure and Funding

Fondation Severe d’Haiti (FSH) is incorporated as a non-profit corporation under both the laws of United State of America as (501) © (3) and the Republic of Haiti, duly registered at the Ministry of Planning and Cooperation, identified as 000-408-285-3. It is governed by a Board of Directors constituted by the following professionals, church and social service leaders.

  • Rev. Willy Severe, Psychologist/CEO
  • Cyprien Price, Lawyer
  • Dr. Marie Carolle Billy
  • Carlo Severe, Economist
  • Dr. Marie Myrtha Etienne
  • Ms. Mireille Valcourt, Nurse
  • Mr. Margareth Josaphat, Professor
  • Mr. Jack Russell Iverstine, Business Owner (USA)
  • Mr. Patrick Cramer, CPA
  • Ms. Evelyn Myrthil, Engineer
  • Ms. Wakam Nathalie, Lawyer

II. – Our Vision

Fondation Severe d’Haiti since its creation has dedicated itself to human development both physically and spiritually by starting with the development of children which are most vulnerable in Haitian society. Through education, proper mental and physical healthcare,

spiritual guidance, we wish to shape the new Haitian society. We pride ourselves in working towards a better Haiti, a country which will rise to the challenge of the new millennium and which will be able to provide to its people and to overcome poverty.

As a non-denominational Christian organization, Fondation Severe d’Haiti aims to share and demonstrate the love and compassion that Jesus Christ extended to all people, especially to children, particularly to those living in poverty or suffering from oppression and injustice. Inspired by our Christian values, we have dedicated ourselves to work with the most vulnerable and the poorest people in the community of Vaudreuil.

We serve all people regardless of religion, gender or ideological differences.

III.-Our Mission

Fondation Severe d’Haiti whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed, to seek justice in the spirit of the Kingdom of God to promote the sacredness of human life and the dignity of the human person. Fondation Severe d’Haiti helps children, families and communities identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living life in its fullness. It provides a range of interventions tailored to the issues faced by those specific communities, including programs in education, healthcare, Vocational Training water and sanitation. By helping community members to build capacity, the Severe Foundation ensures that the process of positive change will last for years to come.


CHILDREN DEPRIVED WITH PARENTAL CARE- Promoting the well-being of children

The Severe Foundation works with children, families, communities to improve the well-being of children. We believe that the best way to help children is to actively work with them, together with their families and their communities, to instill long term changes in their lives.

Fondation Severe d’Haiti (FSH) seeks to increase the capacity of children and young adults in order for them to meet their own basic needs and to help them acquire resilience at the appropriate age. Access to formal education will lead to increase literacy, numeracy and social development and is vital in the empowerment of children and young adults.

Vocational trainings through apprenticeships and skills training are effective in developing a young adult ability to financially support him/her.

Fondation Severe d’Haiti (FSH) strives to build thriving communities where peace prevails and where all can enjoy security, opportunity and happiness. We work for the well-being of the poor and vulnerable people through:

Health: Fondation Severe d’Haiti works with communities and health partners to improve children’s health. Through preventive measures such as good nutrition, breast feeding, hygiene and vaccinations, communities will raise healthier children who will be able to reach their full potential.

Education: Fondation Severe d’Haiti engages with teachers, schools and communities to improve learning outcomes in education build confidence and teach values-based life skills. We promote the right for all children to have a quality education.

HIV/AIDS and Cholora response: Through the Fondation Severe’s initiative, we strive to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and cholera through prevention and care. We work with children, communities and faith leaders to mobilize care for the poor and vulnerable children, and to prevent further spread of the disease.

Water and sanitation: Fondation Severe d’Haiti helps communities to dig wells, set up pumps, construct latrines and irrigate crops. Safe water and sanitation systems support children’s health. Many children are able to study and stay in school because they spend less time carrying water each day from long distance sources.

Economic development: The Severe Foundation helps families access loans, financial know-how. This leads to increased family incomes, improved nutrition, better health and greater education opportunities for children.

V. – Fondation Severe d’Haiti Objectives

. To create a school of excellence



Fondation Severe d’Haiti board of directors has determined the need to undertake a new school construction in La Tremblay, Croix des Bouquets. The new facilities 2 acres will replace the existing one with a new state-of-the art facilities emphasizing on an agricultural component. Through this project FSH will help students achieve success. The school is designed to accommodate between 450 and 500 students And 350 campus residents. The aim of this project is to sustain and expand the foundation activities gradually and in order to achieve that goal, we need help. With additional support, Fondation Severe d’Haiti can effectively reach out to more children living in poverty and improve their quality of life.


Fondation Severe Program is a community of students, teachers, clinicians and residential staff who share a common goal: for each student to reach his/her potential in an environment that encourages excellence recognizes the capabilities of the individual and fosters growth and independence. Through individual and group training, students ages 3 years to 18 develop organizational skills, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, all while having a positive and exciting school experience. Students have access to specialized services targeted for their unique needs, ensuring that they will excel in their chosen fields and will be able to lead fulfilling lives

The program’s curriculum emphasizes traditional academics, vocational exploration, work experience, social and independent living skills, and the productive use of leisure time. The Secondary Program provides a diploma program as well as a functional academics program. Depending on the student’s abilities and goals, a variety of enrollment options are offered for both residential and day students:

  • Courses in academic, prevocational, independent living, social and recreational areas
  • Case management and clinical services
  • Teachers in special needs and/or special subject areas
  • Residences with a program of instruction in social and independent living skills
  • Supervised after-school study.

C. – Gardening School

With the support of Fort Valley University, in Georgia, the school will create learning gardens of moderate size, which can be easily managed by students, teacher, to grow fruit and vegetable. It will serve to educate student about nutrition and it will be developed in order to provide a recreational and vocational activity for the secondary and vocational school, abilities and needs. Trees inherently invite participation because they respond to care, they grow, and they change. This will be an invaluable asset to many students at the school by providing leisure activities, training, prevocational experiences and job opportunities.

Production methods will be simple so that they can be easily replicated by students. In the garden, students will display curiosity, courage and perseverance in the challenges they meet. They will have something new to look forward to each time they come to class. And children will gain pride and self-esteem from taking care of another living thing. This is a major part of what the school will strive to develop in each of its students in order to make them ready for adulthood. Apart from practical skills in agriculture and horticulture, the garden will be a living laboratory for the study of environmental issues and life sciences.


It is planned to accommodate with adequate spaces, students from primary, secondary and vocational school. The new building design is focused on student safety and will offer:

An academic core area with a) seven classrooms for the primary school; b) 18 classrooms for the secondary; c) 8 classrooms for the vocational school. Classrooms will be modernized and upgrades will be made to the lighting and electrical systems. Classrooms will be more technology oriented. FSH will ensure that every student is provided a physical learning environment that is safe, secure and well maintained.

A computer room – Computer technologies will help student achieve international academic standards. They will have access to adequate software and internet connection to assist with their studies. FSH will develop technology plans to meet curriculum technology requirements.

A dining room or cafeteria – Food preparation areas will be expanded and modernized to support student dining needs. It will provide adequate kitchen, serving and delivery/ receiving areas it is intended to serve up to 500 meals per day for residential and non residential children.

A new area for sports. Playgrounds will be constructed to minimize injuries associated with playground equipment and contribute to greater safety awareness when purchasing and installing public playground equipment. The school’s playground will be in a safe and sanitary environment. School’s administration will be assigned the responsibility for maintaining a safe and secure school environment. The administration offices will house a waiting and reception area and a conference room. Exterior upgrades are planned for the existing parking lot which will undergo paving work in order to accommodate additional parking spaces.

A community health clinic. Students will receive high quality health care. Health services will be provided by nurses, physicians, a dietitian, and support staff. In addition, counseling will be provided during regular hours. After regular hours, nurses and pediatrician on-call will be available to our residential students.

A multi-purpose space will also be available for the use of the students and will also serve as a meeting place in order to accommodate student clubs and to provide adequate accommodation for social and family events occurring in the community. It will also aim to provide flexibility for a wide variety of performances (instrumental, vocal, dances etc…)