Thank you so much for praying for our largest ever CMM Conference with Kevin Zadai this last weekend. We had 350 attending Friday night, three sessions on Saturday and a joint session Sunday morning with Dennis and Jennifer Clark of Kingdom Life Ministries with over 425 present in the glory with special guest Sid Roth and his wife.
Kevin shared amazing revelation from his death and time in heaven with Jesus.  We invite you to learn more about this breath of fresh air by looking him up on or
We met Kevin and his wife Kathi three years ago in Phoenix. We have had him speak online to our students of CMM College of Theology.   The theme of the conference was “It’s All Rigged in Your Favor.” We had amazing worship team members playing each set. We have many videos and photos on our and
Many were refreshed, astonished and healed and set free.  Kevin took strong stands in the authority we have in Jesus and Sunday morning called on witches to repent and two came forward to repent!  Weights lifted off and chains were broken in many.
We want to thank our staff and many volunteers who came, some a long way to help and enjoy the glory with us.   Stephania Della Santa from Switzerland and Ruth Acquaroli from Italy came. Also, Peggy and Dalton Anderson from Texas drove up.  Anna, Nancy and I also want to acknowledge Ganbold and Ishi Noosov for their many hours of devoted love and hard work weekly.  Willie and Charlotte Jordan and their daughter worked a lot and provided beautiful worship too.  Also, Lessee Grobbelaar and Ornella Umubyeyi, our newest CMM staffer, and many others were invaluable in making this an unforgettable, historic weekend.
Thank you for praying for us and all of CMM and our precious missionaries and students around the globe. What an exciting time to walk in the Lord’s fullness and joy!  You are all precious to us and amazing too!  Let’s go higher together!
Bless you and yours!