By Jorge Parrott

(All Scriptures NKJV)

What are you dreaming of? Imagine riding a horse in Cuba in the 1940’s dreaming of a nation awakening to their true identity of who Jesus is and wants to be for them. As Sidney Correll rode on horseback to the top of a high hill covered in sugar cane overlooking the ocean near Las Palmas, about an hour and a half west of Havana. Sidney had been asking the Lord for the place where he would build his first church and training center anywhere. Just as he looked down at the beautiful blue ocean and the bay the voice of the Lord spoke to him telling him “If you ask the man who owns that land to sell it he will agree.” He rode his horse down the hill on a dirt path to ask the man and he said ‘yes’.

Isaiah 66:8 says “Who has heard such a thing?
Who has seen such things?
Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day?”
Or shall a nation be born at once?

Thus began Sidney and Helen Correll’s first faith adventure into the nations as they began their journey into establishing churches, raising up nationals in Cuba first and then many other nations.  Sidney Correll was the founder of CMM, also known as EagleMissions, and was a spiritual father of Alfred Garr Sr. and many others.

I met Sidney Correll’s first convert in 1999. Antero was led to the Lord by Sidney Correll in 1948. Antero Acoy died in 2015. I met him many times, the last being in 2016 when he was 98 years old.  Antero was a true apostolic father to many in Cuba. When I asked Antero once why he never left Cuba even though he had the opportunity many times. He, and several other key leaders I have asked said the Lord called him to remain in Cuba to be a shepherd to God’s people and purposes for Cuba to know Jesus as Lord. Great leaders stay where the Lord called them to finish their task. The easy way out is rarely the Lord’s desire. Yes ‘his yoke is easy and his burden is light’ but the Lord’s will is for us to do things which are impossible in our own strength. For us to His will comes from our faith turned to action to please him to do that which our flesh doesn’t like and the greatest liberty and reward comes to the one who is a bondservant of the Lord. (Rom. 10:17, Heb. 11:6 & 2Tim. 2:24, James 2:14-16)

I remember one conversation I had with Antero in 2001 when I asked him about the time coming when Cuba would open up to more freedoms and how exciting that would be.  He replied “If my people had the freedoms you in the US have would my people love the Lord the way the do?”  I was stunned. What happens when you have no choice but to trust the Lord even for your next meal or pair of shoes for your children? Material comforts are distractions that cause luke-warmness and complacency which limit all the Lord has planned for our growth and fullness. With freedom comes greater responsibility. Luke 12:48 “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.”

Cuba was much different in the pre-Castro era. This island nation of eleven plus million has been through a lot (Rom. 8:28) and generations have suffered under the Castro regime. During the last fifty-eight years under the Marxist-socialist oppressive regime many Christians have been imprisoned and killed. Many churches were boarded up for decades.  Cuban believers have persevered through much fire and many trials, oppression, injustice and atrocities and today the Body of Christ in Cuba is strong, resolute and committed to their faith in the Lord and has produced such strong and mature ones.  Oppression continues yet the waters are stirring and waves of national revival are forming.

The world needs to know about the overcoming faith of several generations who were born again as they thrive in Christ in the midst of adversity. There are many lessons freedom loving people everywhere need to learn from this ‘pressure cooker’ nation.  It is not over yet.  The heat is still on but the fire of God burns hotter and is replacing the fire of oppression with such joy and faith no government of man can quench it!

Riding The Wave Of Revival

Osmani Sosa is a former professional baseball player who got saved and answered the call of God to be a courageous and joyous evangelist and one of the new fathers leading many to Jesus and discipling true saints in Cuba. His teams have led over a quarter million souls to Jesus since the late 1990’s.  Recently they had their annual leaders conference and 535 leaders and pastors from across the island gathered for fellowship and strategic times of worship, praise, prayer and seeking the Lord for the next year.  Their faith, commitment, zeal and momentum is indeed contagious.  (Heb. 11:37-40)

Pray for Cuba to awaken as a sheep nation to be one of many shining lights ready to fulfill many prophetic words given them about a revival so fresh and so powerful that it spreads worldwide. Many prophetic words have been spoken about Cuba bursting with the holy fire of God and missionaries being sent out from Cuba to the nations, particularly Russia.  Rick Joyner said that a revival like the earth has never seen before is coming to Cuba. We see it happening right before our eyes in this season.

Rapid Acceleration

Each year the teams reach across the island with great enthusiasm and strategies compelled by the love of Jesus to see the lost encounter and know the Lord.  As the fruit of their efforts spreads and teams being sent momentum is growing to shepherd the rapidly growing number of believers in Jesus. This fire of revival that can not be quenched spreads as more and more hungry hearts are won to Christ. When I first met Osmani their reports were of three, then six, then twelve thousand new believers each year. Last year over thirty thousand received the Lord as savior.  Osmani challenged his leaders to pray and live the yielded, surrendered life Jesus shows them. Osmani cast the vision with a bold declaration for this apostolic army to see by faith and believe for a quarter million new believers in 2018.

Thousands of Osmani’s HTF Bibles which have known sports figures sharing their testimonies have been printed in Cuba and given out to disciple many. These warriors of the Lord are going beyond any denominational lines or restrictions bringing true maturity and unity as the Body awakens and prepares to welcome the harvest.  Romans 10:14 “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”

Osmani earned his Doctoral Degree from our and has one of two of our schools thriving in Cuba. His key leaders have graduated or are currently students in our school and are helping to transform Cuba. Osmani pushes the students with a strong foundation in the living Word, Holy Spirit and prophetic training to hear the Lord clearly and boldly carry out divine instructions to bring lasting fruit and transformation to these beautiful people. Pray for our schools in many nations impacting leaders for real impact and eternal change in their nations.

Help us train the trainers in many nations. Resources and equipping by our teams  and schools are needed more than ever.  If you are called to go to Cuba with us contact Jorge Parrott, Missions Director. Call the Missions Office at 803-802-5544 ext 392 or email Pray, Give, Go and visit

Many churches and homes were damaged in the recent hurricanes in Cuba.
Thank you for your prayers and generosity to help hurricane damage victims.
Thousands of Honoring the Father Bibles have been given out along with food, medicines and repairs to damaged structures.
Some churches lost their roofs or had severe damage and have been repaired.
Osmani and his teams prayed with many who suffered damage and heartbreak.
This family is so thankful for your prayers and help in time of need. Heb. 4:16
Some structures had to be totally rebuilt.
Osmani with a thankful family.
A new roof going on.

535 Leaders are on the knees seeking the Lord for 2018 and praying for a quarter million new souls.