By Jorge Parrott (all scripture from NKJV)

We all desire to know the Lord more. A few years ago the Holy Spirit captured me in an encounter with a vision of a giant gem with many facets, each one unique and beyond beautiful. He instructed me to walk around this giant dazzling gem of his handiwork. I was speechless as I walked, marveling at his holy creation. He asked me ‘Do you want to know me more?’ I replied, ‘Lord, you know I do.’ He then whispered ‘if you want to know me more then get to know me through my creations in many lands.’

Our recent trip to Cuba was another trip to the ‘classroom’ of the greatest Teacher. We are thankful and blessed to witness the Lord at work in this island nation that has prospered during 57 years of the government of Fidel Castro.

We learn so much every time we go there. Our Cuban friends desperately depend on the Lord to: hear the voice of the Lord, being led and comforted by the Holy Spirit, persevering and overcoming faith, faith to feed the family, great joy in daily life, thankfulness and worship, resourcefulness to get by, and cherishing of trusted friendships and much more are all evident in many lives of the body of Christ in Cuba.

Faith Launch Of Two MSU Colleges Of Theology

Osmani’s ministry had three outreaches the week before we got there. They had 2,660 salvations during that week in three regions of the island. God is on the move and the pace is accelerating. From the time Osmani picked us up at the Havana airport to take the short 30 minute ride into Havana, he got a text. He shared that while we were driving in the van another 110 had just come to Jesus.

Osmani shared that in addition to the normal watching eyes of the government that with the launch of the new MSU College of Theology he now also had to deal with harassment from denominations with the religious spirit wanting to quench the move of the Spirit. I encouraged him that this is to be expected and without new levels of warfare we will not reach the new levels in the Spirit.

Ramone and Osmani have both visited MorningStar several times in the last 10 years. Each visit provides times of refreshing, training in the Prophetic and fresh impartation, new insights and encouragement. They each have their own ministries and work together in different parts of the island. Both lead apostolic and fruitful ministries. Last year Osmani’s sports ministry reported over 22,000 souls came to Jesus through their efforts.

Osmani has shared often how the equipping he has received at MorningStar has taken his ministry to a whole new level with heavenly strategies and at key times how the Holy Spirit has helped him see repeated breakthroughs and growth in the saving of the souls and strategic planning to advance the Kingdom.

Ramone has been a pastor for many years. His family is all involved in planting churches and pastoring. Just last year he was warned by his overseers that it is fine to preach the Gospel. However, as Ramone would preach the pure word of God the Holy Spirit was healing many people and his overseers did not approve. Often without even praying for healing, just through his preaching, many would be healed.

Ramone felt led to resign from that ministry and he also now come under our ministry. He is working on his Doctoral degree and will also be opening a second branch of MSU College of Theology in Cuba.

He Who Has An Ear To Hear

In the US we certainly take much for granted. It is illegal for private citizens to have the internet in their home. Our hotel did not have wifi every day so we would walk to nearby hotels to see where we could get online. On our second full day there we walked to the National Hotel to use their wifi. This is the hotel where my parents had their honeymoon in 1945. My Dad was in the service as a weatherman and met and married Mom there.

I took a picture of Diana Ortiz, one of our team mates, along with David White, both MFM members. David pastors the Moravian Falls MorningStar Church. Afterwards Diana took my picture in a chair on the lawn of the patio under a palm tree. She said with a light stand nearby it looked like I was being interviewed. I posted the photo with the caption on Facebook at 11:23 am. After the photo I began to quietly prophesy and make declarations and pray in the spirit over Cuba. There was no microphone or camera nearby. I said “let him who has an ear to hear…” along with other faith proclamations, prophesying God’s destiny over the island and its people. We will read later we how the Lord used those words to capture our attention through the supernatural love of God and how he can amplify our prayers and prophecies.

Later that day we traveled to Caimeto to meet with Ramone and Mayda and their son, Samuel to meet, pray with and train their leaders. Later that day a man walked in and asked me if my name was Jorge. I replied yes. He said he ‘heard my message’ on the radio around noon. Keep in mind there was no microphone or camera earlier. He said after he heard my message on the radio the Lord spoke to him ‘if he would come to Caimeto that night he would meet me.’ When I spoke on the patio at the hotel I did not mention where we would be later that day. He kept saying he heard my name and voice on the radio. God is the God of the supernatural.

Eph 3:20-21 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.”

Twenty-Two Years To Confirm The Word

David White last visited Cuba twenty two years ago. David did not remember until one day as we traveled to a small town in western Cuba, the name of the church in Havana where he saw ‘arrows, like missiles, going out from Cuba to the nations of the earth.’ He prophesied that and on this trip we found out that both Osmani and Pastor Joel were young men in that church and heard that word long ago. Now, both of these apostolic leaders are bearing much fruit. We experienced one more solid evidence of the Lord at work in our own lives and in the lives of our brethren in Cuba.

The Substance Of Eternal Wealth

We see every time we visit Cuba evidence of strong faith and the joy of the Lord in spite of the poverty and lack of basic provisions. Yet, these folks are wise teachers having learned by necessity and lack to trust the Lord on every level, from basic sustenance to spiritual hunger depth of relationship with Jesus and maturity. Often times in America and other first and second world nations where affluence leads many to learn to see luxuries and comfort as necessities sapping our joy and trust in the Lord and contentment.

In Phil. 4:11-13 we learn, “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: 12 I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.”

Studies have counted over 783 direct references to gold, silver, and money in the Bible. We are reminded Ps. 37:16 ”A little that a righteous man has is better than the riches of many wicked.” Communism is not the answer, neither is unrighteous capitalism. Corruption, the spirit of the antichrist and the spirit of mammon is all too pervasive in much of the world today. The great battles of the end times is all around us. We know we win because the Lord wins. The holy life is higher than man’s ways.

Cuba At A Crossroads

Rick Joyner had a dream a few years ago of a revival like no other occurring in Cuba that would change the world. Many see it prophetically and we share on every trip to Cuba this dream of Rick’s to encourage, build hope, and release the destiny the Lord has in store to this strategic island. Cuba is at a crossroads with the recent opening of relations between the US and Cuba. We need to pray for this ‘fresh, clean air’ that Rick dreamt of take hold and permeate. The growing revival in Cuba is seeing many new souls come to Jesus through our trusted friends’ ministries.

I will continue next month with part 2 of God at work in Cuba.

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This photo were taken at the site of Sidney Correll’s, (Founder of CMM) first missions base started in the 1950’s. It was seized by Castro for 26 years and is now used for Christian groups once more.