By Jorge Parrott

In times of crisis, we learn fast how the body of Christ comes together to reach out to those affected. For some, Hurricane Matthew was the worst event in their lives. Thankfully, none of our precious network of missionaries and pastors lost their lives or had serious injuries.

In early October, this devastating hurricane hit hard two already poor nations: Haiti and Cuba. Within hours, MS/CM Missions was in touch with friends in both nations to see if they, their families, and their churches were all right, and Dave Yarnes had our awesome staff in Ft. Mill, SC work quickly to raise funds to help Cuba and Haiti. We thank our many intercessors and Partners for praying immediately.

Our Partners rallied, and in a little over a week more than $55,000 was received.  Friends in Florida were ready to go to Cuba on very short notice and deliver aid to two groups of friends waiting on the ground. We also sent funds immediately to our proven friends in Haiti working with four powerful ministries: Elaine Rensink with Lespri Ministries, Jay Threadgill with Fishers of Men and Church on the Rock, Astrel Vincent with Good Samaritan Foundation, and Willy Severe with Severe Foundation. These friends are trusted and accountable to deliver urgent aid and emergency services to rebuild lives, homes, and churches. They also feed many with the living word.

Below are photos and notes from our missionaries serving in Haiti and Cuba.


Astrel Vincent – Good Samaritan Foundation 

We gladly appreciated your donation to the ministry of Haiti, especially during this crisis. We are involved in food distribution for families and clinics, and we are also preparing to go to the remote villages of Haiti. We are doing the best we can. I am asking the people in the States to continue praying for us. To God be the glory!

We will stay in touch,

Pastor Vincent

Jay Threadgill – Fishers of Men Ministries and Church on the Rock

Hi Jorge,

Fishers of Men Ministries (FOMM) is diligently working and sending relief to our pastors devastated by Hurricane Mathew. We have now sent three different shipments of food, supplies, clothes, water, juices, etc. FOMM has also started replacing two roofs on two schools that still have some walls standing. We are now looking at two others to rebuild. God is good, and FOMM is doing all it can to be a blessing to these precious people.

Elaine Rensink – Lespri Ministries

Dear Jorge, Anna, Morningstar Church, & Missions Team,

Just wanted to say a tremendous and very heartfelt thank you for the donation to Lespri for relief effort here in Haiti! We have already been able to accomplish so much in relief efforts thanks to you. So far, we have been honored to:

1)     Feed over one hundred families.

2)     Rent four homes for struggling families whose homes were damaged.

3)     Lay a foundation for a new block home for one family.

4)     Completely restore a flood-damaged shelter box for one family.

5)     Send a large convoy and team (the biggest in Lespri’s history) with groceries, and a semi truck filled with 270+ wooden 2x4s and over 180 pieces of roofing tin to two remote areas outside of Jeremie, Haiti (one of the hardest hit regions).The roads there are so poor that zero aid has reached this region after the hurricane. Nearly all the houses in this area were missing rooftops. Families endured pouring rain and sweltering sun without shelter.

Much of this would not have been possible without you and the generous donation Morningstar sent, and we are continuing our aide efforts.

Willy Severe – Severe Foundation

Dear Elder Parrott,

In the midst of our predicament, I cannot stop thinking of my responsibility toward my donors and to those under my care. We love how you share our concerns, love, and financial support when they were needed the most. Thank you for your prayers, Elder Parrott! I believe you have seen the destruction and our desolation. In the midst of our predicaments, we have seen and feel the power of God’s mercy and grace.

Blessings on you always,

Willy Severe


Osmani Sosa – Honoring the Father Ministries

Osmani lives in Havana, many hours east to the Guantanamo region and Baracoa, one of the hardest hit areas.

Awesome video of our work in Cuba:

Ramon and Maida Sandoval

Under our covering, Ramon and Maida have churches and friends in the Baracoa, Maisi, and Sabanilla areas that were hit hard by the hurricane. They shared about a ninety-two year old sister affected by the hurricane. The sea came into her house, and they were stuck in a room with water up to their chests. They cried out and the Lord answered urgently and spared their lives.

Thank you again, Partners and intercessors, for covering our awesome friends around the world in prayer and giving generously in times of urgent need.

We need your prayers and help in serving refugees in Athens, Syria, and Iraq. Our ongoing work already serves our key strategic teams working in these areas. They see many miracles, and many are coming to Jesus.

Please help us to be ready in times of emergency and disaster. Pray, and as the Lord leads, go to to give or to learn more. 100% of offerings are sent to help in disasters and crisis. Contact me at or call 803-802-5544, ext. 392.