By Jorge Parrott

One primary objective in missions is building ongoing, deepening relationships with strategic partners sent by the Lord. We need sharp discernment as we seek the Lord in all areas. We are blessed with divine connections and the strategies of the Lord to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission. The Holy Spirit allows us to “connect the dots” globally for a holy alignment of God’s people and purposes for this season.

We welcome you, our Partners, to engage in God’s heart for the nations by joining us in intercession, ministry teams, Skype prophetic ministry, discipleship, fundraising, and furthering our involvement in Christ’s Mandate for Missions—all to equip and disciple the nations. Rick Joyner asked me two years ago how we had so many volunteers working in missions. I replied, “It is easy, really. We take them into the presence of the Lord to see His heart for the nations.” The simplicity and power of the Gospel emphasizes the importance of building our relationship in the presence of the King.  We must hunger for the Lord’s presence daily in our own lives and then release the Father’s heart into all those we work with to expand the kingdom and destroy the works of the enemy. We love the Apostle Paul’s heart to see everyone complete in Christ. We ask the Lord to show us what He sees in those we minister to so we may release the Father’s heart and destiny as often as possible. “We see in part and prophesy in part” (see I Corinthians 3:9).

More members affiliated with MorningStar and CMM Churches and friends, including MFM members, 50+ The Joshua Generation, and graduates of MSU and MSU College of Theology, are catching the vision for the Lord’s heart for the nations. Each one then does their part in equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Fast Track for the Nations

One of our main assignments is sowing into leaders in all seven mountains of influence in different nations to impact their sphere. Whether a nation’s lead finance minister, a president, business owner, apostolic church leader, entertainer, athlete, or leader in education, we allow the Spirit to arrange these divine connections. Orchestrated through trusted mutual relationships, we seek together to have the mind of Christ and His plans.

The On Ramp for Our Fast Track is the MSU College of Theology School

In the last few years, the Lord has revealed the importance of getting those called to the nations into the deep foundations of the Word of God, along with building faith, the ability to hear His voice, and activating the supernatural gifts. Often leaders within our ministry groups have a long-term track record as leaders and pastors who have already shown much fruit.

Our MSU College of Theology offers unique, advanced missional-focused degrees that launch many established ministers into new levels of engagement and activation. What has stirred and incubated in their hearts for many years is awakened.

Many who have pastored successfully for years are recognizing the need to continually grow in the Word, in faith, and in the prophetic. This dormant fire is reignited through in-depth training of key leaders in many nations by connecting them in our missions network worldwide.

For many, it is a match made in heaven, the convergence of their years of labor and growth in their home church meetings. The urgent need for freedom in the Spirit leads towards true transformation and discipleship in many nations in preparation for the great harvest.

With persecution and global deception increasing, truth and righteousness founded on the living Word of God is needed to preserve the dwindling rights and freedoms to pursue our God-given destinies.

Testimonies of lives changed in our own teams sent out along with those served in many nations are many—this is fruit that remains. These testimonies are a sure sign of the “normal” Christian life that includes frequent supernatural signs.

With rapid acceleration of global changes witnessed by the rising tide of lawlessness, we need to wake up and rise up as attentive and obedient watchmen in our day.

The Best Week of Their Lives

One of our dear, long-term couples who co-pastor a church and are known for their keen prophetic gifting have ventured out with us to several nations, in person and online. After a recent trip to an Asian nation, they told us it was the best week of their lives. Someone asked them, “you mean the best mission trip?” They replied, “No, it was the best week ever in our lives.” That kind of feedback inspires us to get more plugged in to what the Lord desires to do.

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in anyone’s life is the day they were born and the day they discover why they were born.” Some of the most treasured words I have ever heard in missions have been happening in increasing measure, and I pray we will hear them more and more. That is, after our teams return from a life-changing faith adventure in a foreign land, we hear them say words like these: “I know now why I was created.”

Helping others discover their purpose is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of serving in missions. This is what it is all about. Just think, we get to launch people out of their comfort zones into the most exciting adventure in global missions.

We are sent to touch and love on God’s chosen vessels as they learn the beauty of holiness in His creation, the ethnos of another culture and people group. At the same time, we discover the reason we were born. Romans 10:15 exhorts us: “And how shall they preach unless they are sent?

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Fast Track faculty member, Shelly Pifer, in Taiwan. ministering the love of God.
Fast Track faculty member, Shelly Pifer, in Taiwan. ministering the love of God.
Darlene Pitts with Carlton Williams in Lagos, Nigeria
Darlene Pitts with Carlton Williams in Lagos, Nigeria
You were born with a mission from the Lord.
You were born with a mission from the Lord.










Darlene Pitts with Carlton Williams in Lagos, Nigeria


You were born with a mission from the Lord.