Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India- Brief Ministry Report

Greetings to you in the Blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • We are glad to write you this letter finds you well by the prayers and report what is happening here in the ministry where you are praying and supporting without fail.
  • Fasting prayers are giving great results in our ministry.
  • My church congregations are growing spiritually and physically by building their lives on God.
  • But we have many people for baptisms.
  • God is doing miracles in our church ministry and in all our services.
  • We are trying our best to reaching out to people who are in need of encouragement for their spiritual lives.
  • Your prayers and your support helping us to do more activities than we do.
  • We keep praying for you all who are being a part of our ministry here and supporting us.
  • Convey our love and wishes to our prayer partners. Please pray for us.
  • Our Sunday school is increasing.
  • Your support and encouragement and a lot of Prayers comforting us a lot and giving us hope to do many things for the Lord without lazy.
  • We are doing many more activities like fasting prayers, Bible college family fellowship, HIV orphans care, widows care, sewing training for poor and downtrodden and abused, forgotten ladies, Gospel meetings, street meetings, and youth and children camps to reach out unreached.
  • I am very much blessed because my whole family is serving for His kingdom.
  • God is good and bringing new people to our church.
  • We need your more prayers and your encouragement in buying lands to build churches in Nelakurru, Machilipatnam, Chitti Guduru, Thungalavaripalem, and Vakkabotlavaripalem.

Praise Points

  • Jyothi who is our Bible college student suffering from a wound from the abdomen and praise God for your prayers, she is healed without any medicines. God only does it.
  • Gods grace is on us as the Bible college is really growing with many people like 43 students this year.
  • We had a good Light Viewers Ministries Bible college Family fellowship prayer meeting dine together, prayed, and worshipped together.
  • We have cast out the demon spirits from Jessica (our orphan) who got 9.0 in 10th And now she is 11th class.
  • God is moving our Bible college students and taking good decisions to serve King Jesus
  • God gave many answers to our prayers where we did along with all Bible college family.
  • We are having services regularly in the selected days.
  • New people are coming to the church.
  • Many people responding to the gospel where I was sharing week by week for years.
  • Sunday school is growing and learning many things. And also they learned many Bible stories and songs with action.
  • God is so faithful to us in all the way.
  • Praise the Lord that we have celebrated my daughter Sofia’s 15th birthday on July 23rd.
  • Glory to be the Lord for He is using me in many gospel meetings to share His love and the kingdom of God. Many people were responded to the gospel and giving their lives to Jesus.
  • Please continue to pray that we are able to do more work for His kingdom.

Prayer Points

  • Sandhya who is in the USA, a strong Hindu, and High-class family had a son who is 6 years old, and now she is on the death bed with Gastric cancer final stage. Please pray that we have taken this as a challenge to prove Jesus is only God who can able to heal anyone in our community.
  • Navya who has completed her MBA last year and looking for a job, and now she is suffering from tumors in the brain. Doctors said that is unable to get well. Please pray for her. She is the only daughter of their parents.
  • Pastor David who is a small pasture with 22 people and bought land 6 years ago, and now having problems with a previous landlord who wants his site back with the same price when Pastor was bought that land. He is unable to do anything except pray.
  • At our church, we need to build toilets for church members and we need a boar well for water for necessary things.
  • We need water well for necessary things like washing dishes, toilets, shower, washing clothes, water for water buffaloes, cows, and for many things. 1400 people would survive. Gollapalem village only depends upon channels, and government water, they only give water once a week for 2 hours. Please consider and pray for water for a whole village.
  • Please pray that our Lord provides resources for our ministry.
  • Mary kumari got married 7 years ago and no children.
  • Our Bible college student Esther who was delivered from the demons has no children from 8 years.
  • Pray for Nelakurru, Chittiguduru, Thungalavaripalem and Rudrawaram services.
  • Madhavi M.A: B.Ed., Jhansi B.Tech and Renuka B.Tech looking for a job, they finished their studies.
  • We still have people in our church for baptism, so pray for them.
  • Please pray and encourage us to buy lands to build church buildings in Machilipatnam, Chitti Guduru, Thungalavaripalem, Nelakurru, and Vakkabotlavaripalem. We have seen lands and asking God to open doors of heaven to buy lands and build churches to praise Him and worship.
  • Pray for church growth and we are having service on the roadside in Chitti Guduru village and in Thungalavaripalem.
  • God is faithful to us by doing many things and making us happy in every moment. so please keep praying for us and for the ministry
  • Students are very happy to do the 3rd-year degree in the Bible college because they have learned many things from the bible and they wanted to continue.

Urgent prayer request: 192 square yards land and a building are for sale in Thungalavaripalem. Which is low as best cost 547000/-INR. So please pray and encourage us as we get this land and bring the gospel to that stronghold of Hinduism, when we have our own building, we are free to worship God in our house. There will be no objections mostly. This is we planed and praying to the Lord to have a house of God in Thungalavaripalem village. So Please pray and support us as much as you can. No matter what you can. A little can change a huge difference.