We are still under lockdown and trying to stay in the homes and be safe. We are conducting our Sunday worship service in the houses only like family prayers. Not opening the church on Sunday.

     In all of India, our state Maharashtra remained the worst-hit state with a total number of positive cases rising to 7,628, followed by Gujarat at 3,071 cases, Delhi at 2,625 cases, and Rajasthan at 2,083 cases, according to the data. Out of 27,890 cases in India, our state has 7,628. Our state Condition is very bad and it is very hard for our pastors and our ministry children and staff.

     Till now 336 people died with the Coronavirus only in our state.

Our state is called as “Red Zone” state. Our Government may extend the lockdown and continue for one more month. It is a hard time for all our pastors and our ministry children and our school staff. 

     We are supporting 600 children in surrounding villages of our ministry campus, now their parents don’t have work for 2 months and Government help is not reaching them because they stay in  very remote areas but we are helping these 600 children through our ministry by running “children care centers.” But for the last 2 months, we could not do anything for these children and for their parents, we didn’t even help them with one time food and 10 pastors and school staff. ALL are in need of your help. Every day I am receiving phone calls from the pastors regarding the support, some children who are attached to our children care centers are also called me and asked for our help.

     PLEASE pray and respond to our ministry needs. Since 2016 We are receiving your help for our ministry and we need your valuable support now in this critical situation. We need urgent support for our ministry now. Pray and help us with your valuable support. waiting for your reply.

In Gods Service, K Paul