Greetings to all the Donors, Sponsors of CMM, Jorge Sir, and Anna Madam. I am Pastor K. Paul from India, running a small ministry with 10 pastors, a Residential bible school, “Children Care Centers” and a small school for the poor children in the surrounding villages of our Christ’s Mandate for Ministry Campus.
I am attached to the CMM Mission, Jorge Sir, and Anna Madam from 2016. For 5 years I am receiving support and guidance from Jorge Sir and thanks to every Donor who helped our ministry through CMM and Jorge Sir because of your Prayer support and Donations our ministry is still going on here in India.
Now as Corona Virus is affected many nations and we are under Lockdown. Our ministry pastors and their families are finding it difficult to survive, our bible school students are in need of food material like rice and all the eatable things in the bible school.600 children in our “Children Care Center” are in need of your support.
I request Jorge Sir, Anna Madam, and ALL the CMM donors PLEASE pray for our ministry and help us with your valuable donations.
in Gods Service,
Christ’s Mandate for Love Campus