Greetings to you in Jesus name. Some students are staying in our Bible School building. We sent some students to home but some are staying in our bible school buildings. They are taking care of the buildings and our vehicles and looking after the campus.As our campus is 26km far from my home and we are not allowed to come out of the homes until 14th April.But the food items are finished and we need to provide them food very soon.Our pastors are staying at home and they need our help now and our school staff also staying at home and they are also waiting for the support.
Our vehicles are kept aside from 21st of this month but we need to help our pastors,school staff and bible school staff and we need your valuable support this time.
I asked all my facebook friends by sending them private messages and introduced our mission and asked them to send their donations to you.One lady by name Kathy Carey sent 50 Dollars check to cmm office and one man Michael John Tross from Australia sent  450 Australian Dollars.I asked all of my facebook friends to respond and send donations to you.
Whatever they send will not be much.It will be very less Only Comparing with what you are giving me.Without their donation from 4 years you have been sending the support to our ministry.
Christ’s Mandate for Love Campus