I wanted to send the reports of all of them at once but I worry if they’d be lost in the midst of too many e-mails. But I’ll send them all eventually.

Here, I’m sending pictures of an event we had in a medical collage in last December.

There are couple of guys in that collage that got saved through our ministry in the beginning of last year and so in December I encouraged them to arrange a Christmas “party” and that I’ll pay for the arrangements, snacks, music band and other such things. So they did! And around 200 students showed up!

On that day, after they had their party, I spoke to them on Creationism vs Darwinism using the material you gave and taught me. We were well received and everybody listened to it very silently. But I didn’t know if we made any real impact or progress at that moment.

But, the guys in that collage who helped me arrange that meeting, called us that evening to say how big of an impact the event had. They said so many guys called them after the meeting to let ‘em know how nice it was to listen to some one that subject and that it clarified so many of their doubts. There are so many testimonies and so many of them are like this: One guy said that, though he is a Hindu, he never really believed in God and that he only practices religion because of his parents. But after the event that day, he is now sure that there sure is a God and that too, that God is God of the Bible!!

As the guys were letting me know of such testimonies, I couldn’t thank God enough for His grace to be able to connect with you and mom, learn and receive and make such impact in the ministry!!