Praise God for His miraculous protection and release from the arrest. I and all our 48 pastors are released from the arrest with station bail. Thank you very much for all your prayers and for standing with us at a time such as this.

All the anti-Christian people are celebrating of my arrest.  But God is my shield now.
There were Hindu priests performing their rituals nicely in their temples on 2nd April. Only we are arrested with false accusations while we were helping the poor pastors who were starving due to lockdown.

We have taken teams to this area many times and seen many miracles there in several ministries including praying for barren women, blind, deaf, and more and seeing the Lord touch many, sometimes everyone in attendance needed a miracle.   Pray for the Gospel to go forth in spite of man’s attempts to stop the Unstoppable One. From the article above, “On Saturday, Light-Life Ministries Church at Tadepalligudem in West Godavari conducted a meeting with 48 pastors. A case was registered and they released after counseling. M Jayababu, the pastor, was identified as the organizer of the meet.”