Greetings and good wishes in His mighty name. Safe and hope this will find you all well in His grace. This is to request you all to pray for Miss. Adilakshmi of 10th grade from our Bapatla children home.

She joined us during 2010 while she is in her 1st grade. She is the 2nd child of the total of 4 children to her parents. Her mother died on 22nd June 2009 unable to give birth to her 4th baby along with her 4th baby and her father is migrating unskilled labor (Coolie). Most of the time he is away from home working as a coolie in the construction industry. He goes out for work every day at very early hours and come back in the late hours and live in one of the slums in Chirala town on its outskirts. After his mother’s death, her father comes to know of us and brought his last two children requesting us to help them. Ever since she is with us and is studying her 10th grade now. Her younger brother was with us for some time and later discontinued unable to settled in the children’s home and got used to playing with his age boys that do not go to school in his vicinity. After some time, his father married his late wife’s younger sister hoping that she will be good to his children. she is good with her sister’s children until she had her own and started to show her true colors as a stepmother once she had her own. They live in a small thatched hut built-in no one’s land in the outskirts slum of Chirala town. They are very poor.

As you all know that FCV our USA charity that supports us sent a medical team to Bapatla from 2nd to 10th November of 2019. Dr. Greg Chupp and his good wife Mrs. Ruth Chupp (she is made FCV trustee in the recent past) along with Mr. Rayan, Mrs. Rayam (Nurse) and her sister Miss. R. from Indiana and Miss. Itunu (RN) and Mr. Obie Jeremiah from DC Church, Washington DC came as medical team. Also, Mr. Dennis Negilkirk and his friend Mr. Aaron Chaad from Michigan have been the part of the visiting team to have the latest information of the children’s homes for FCV web site. My son Mr. Vijayasekhara Babu, trustee FCV also came along with the team. To help the visiting medical team we also arranged an ENT doctor from Ongole town and a dentist from Chirala town that has been the part of the medical team. Together all of them tested every child from our Children homes (From both Bapatla & Nidamarru homes) and also tested every child that attends our school from 1st grade to the 10th grade from the local community.

Thank God for this visiting medical team as they are able to test all the children and diagnosed some of the children that are suffering with some critical issues which neither them nor their parents aware of it.

One boy that attend our school from nearby slum is diagnosed with some serious lung infection. His father is a physically challenged person and his illiterate mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. On seeing him Dr. Chupp asked us to summon his father that came to us after a couple of hours and according to him, he lost his elder son a couple of years back with the same issue.

Dr. Greg Chupp suggested to have his Chest X-ray and to have his blood tested which we organized immediately. He the next day with the results of all the test and Dr. Chupp confirmed that the child is suffering with serious

lung problem which needs to be treated. In the evening we both went to a chemist shop where Dr. Chupp took some medicine for the child and advised us to follow the child even after the team departs to the USA.

Another child that attend our school from the local community is diagnosed with spondylitis problem and is suggested needed treatment which also we are following.

Miss. Adilakshmi from our Bapatla children home that attend the Telegu medium school is found with some heart-related problem by Dr. Greg Chupp and he suggested to send her to a super specialty hospital for further checkups. Once the team left for the USA, we sent Adilakshmi to Guntur St. Joseph’s Super specialty hospital where she underwent several clinical tests, scan and other tests. After going through several tests, they referred Miss. Adilakshmi to a Cardiologist in Guntur. He is the same doctor that treated Mr. Clement before. After seeing her he praised & thanked God for keeping her alive for all these years. There she is diagnosed with 29mm hole in her heart on 23rd November 2019 which she needed to be treated with immediate effect. They suggested coming to the hospital with all her ID proofs Etc. and with her father on 25th Monday, November 2019. We asked his father to come and he will be in Bapatla today the 24th Sunday evening and we are taking her to Guntur hospital on Monday the 25th of November 2019 as suggested by the Cardiologist and we are expecting her to get admitted in the hospital on the same day.

Ever since she joined us, she is the one of the children that go to hospital every year with some inconvenience. Couple of years back she lost her voice and no sound came out of her mouth. Then we sent her to CMC (Christian Medical College) hospital Vellore, Tamil Nadu which is supposed to the best hospital in south India where she is treated and she got her voice back. No doctor before was able to diagnose her heart issue in spite they treated her for some other problems. Thank God we had the medical camp and Dr. Greg Chupp a family doctor from USA leading the medical team and is able to identify her real problem and blessed us with the opportunity to treat her though it is very late.

We know it may cost us a lot of money, so much attention, and human resources for her post-treatment period, but He has blessed us to provide her proper treatment and also saved CCH from great danger from the authorities and other opportunists. Thank and praise be to God for all His blessings and protection. She may also lose one academic year, but she is getting the right treatment. Please do pray for her. I am enclosing a couple of her pictures for your information. God be with you.

Yours in His love, Rajasekhara Babu