Greetings and good wishes in His mighty name. Safe and hope this will find you all well in His grace.
As you all know that I am in the USA meeting friends and supporters to raise support for the children’s homes as well to the Elizabeth Barrie School, Bapatla. You also know that we are doing our best to become self-sufficient in India by adopting different means. You all know that we are running as a school(Elizabeth Barrie School) for the last 27 years serving the academic needs of the children from our childhood homes as well as the local community. we have been a charity school ever since surviving on the kindness of friends overseas. As part of becoming self-sufficient, we started to charge the children that attend our school from the local community providing free education to the children from our children’s homes.
Since we are charging the children from the community we became answerable to the parents that send their children to our school and we have to maintain certain standard levels for which we made several changes in the ambiance of the school, facilities, and also hired more qualitative teachers. As part of making it more marketable in the community in the competition with the other schools, we adopted certain methods to involve the children. The School monthly newsletter is one of such measures. This newsletter is prepared and edited by a team of students and teachers together.  I am enclosing the August month newsletter for your kind information and Prayer. God be with you.
Yours in His love