Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Brother, we are all fine and doing well in the ministry by the Grace and Love of God and with your continues Prayer and Blessings and Support.  Brother lost month on 4th October we showed the Jesus film in a Church in Timmapuram tribal village.  Brother more than 150 people came to this film show.  At the end of the show, I share the Gospel with the people who came to the show.  Brother more than 20 people newly accepted Jesus Christ and added to the Church.  Brother after that we also Prayed for the sick people.  God healed many people from their physical sicknesses.  Praise God.  Hallelujah.  All the Glory to God.  Thank you, Jesus.  Brother for your reference I am sending the photographs.  Please see Brother.  Thank you so much Brother for your God’s Love and Kindness for God’s people in India and also thank you so much for all your Prayer and Blessings and Encouragement and Support and Help for me and my ministry in the rural villages and tribal areas in India.  May God Richly Bless you with all His Exceeding and more Abundant Blessings and Keep you and use you more and more Brother.  Amen and Amen.