By Jorge Parrott

 India is intense. It is fascinating, dangerous, and worth the effort to those prepared to encounter the Lord of the harvest. The Lord of surprises moves in mighty ways in India. In each of my trips, I was amazed at the Father’s heart for the country. Yes, India is intense but the Lord wants to use our faith to reach her people—any effort or sacrifice on our part is nothing in the weight of His glory. Will you pray for those who go? And pray about going with us?

Along with the resources from Rick Joyner and MorningStar Ministries, we are now connected with over seventeen thousand churches providing fellowship, ministry services, prophetic team ministry, site visits, humanitarian aid, and Theology school degrees. With over 1.3 billion souls, India is expected to surpass China in population by 2020. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. Our job is to train and impart to leaders, and the Lord is giving us clear strategies for the days ahead.

The first time I went to India, Helen Correll, co-founder of CMM and wife of Sidney Correll, who also founded CMM, prayed over our team, encouraging us with the words spoken to Joshua: “Be strong and of good courage” (see Joshua 1:9). She read it three times to us. Intercession is especially important for a trip to India, the land of many spiritual influences—good and bad.

One has to stay close to the Lord every moment. Many are surprised at the warfare, but we know to rely on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to combat the enemy—the accuser of the brethren. The safest place is in the center of the Lord’s perfect will. Each time I am there, I feel the Lord’s presence in a strong way. He never fails to amaze us.

Our team of nine saw the Lord move every day in India as we stepped out in faith and love. The first team of two couples and one woman (MFM members from North Dakota) arrived a few days before the rest of us. Multiple meetings were arranged with a few of our Indian pastors, many of whom had never met each other prior to this trip. As the Lord builds our network in India, we are seeing the release of God’s heart for unity and maturity in destroying the works of the enemy and seeing many souls come to Jesus.

Many were saved, healed, and delivered, some dramatically, as the supernatural love of God was released.

Divine Strategies

 Our first day in New Delhi, we met with a former military officer with a powerful ministry targeting the unreached in the north. He shared detailed strategies of how they send workers into remote areas for eight to twelve weeks praying. They have identified thousands of districts in an organized manner. The teams of intercessors walk for weeks to identify the “strong man” in the area along with the “man of peace” as teams establish a presence in homes first, then in church planting. They do not share the Gospel or witness to anyone until they have prayed and identified the strategy of the Lord for entering in.

We also met with representatives from across the nation who gathered together many intercessory groups praying for India. It is impressive how these mature and anointed leaders take the land for Jesus. They shared the unique and creative ways they use tools to explain the Good News, even for those who cannot read. Because of their “covert” work, I am not permitted to describe too much, but please pray for these effective ministry teams who are making real progress in difficult and dark places. They often risk their lives to share Jesus.

Deployment of the Team

 Jai and Yori Mallipudi’s Light of Life Ministries, located near Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh in south India, held a Women’s Conference for about two hundred women. Brenda and Brian Lewis from Bismarck, North Dakota led the conference with Julie Derung. Shelly and Chuck Pifer went to Jachin Charley Scott’s for meetings and TV show broadcasts.

We then held a Pastors and Leaders Conference with over one hundred pastors attending at Samuel Sudarsanam’s place in Gandapalli, AP state. I spoke at this meeting three years ago. Each time the Holy Spirit really showed up. Prophetic words, prayers, and words of wisdom and knowledge were shared, and many were set free from the religious spirit as repentance closed out the meetings. Our whole team shared from their hearts and it was a successful time. We also visited the orphanage there that cares for forty girls and boys. They are so loved, sweet and well-cared for, but their living conditions are basic. For only $30 per month per child, these orphans can be sponsored—and sponsors are needed. Funds for food and education are needed as well. Go to to learn more.

The Joy of Water

 After two days at this conference, we traveled to remote tribal villages where new churches are being planted. We dedicated four new wells and salvations and healings occurred at each place. This day was such a blessing as our whole team felt the pleasure of the Lord on our “giving a cup of cool water to them and to Jesus.” It is hard to describe the feelings of joy and appreciation of those overlooked people who often battled typhoid and major illnesses due to bad drinking water. They will now live longer and healthier lives with the arrival of these new wells. Go to for more information.

The first Prophetic Roundtable in India was held in Rajahmundry, and many of our area pastors and their wives attended. Some do ministry in nearby Orissa state where heavy persecution occurred in 2007 and 2008—many Christians lost their lives, and homes and churches were burned. Some pastors operate orphanages, caring for children whose parents were martyred during this time of trial. As mentioned above, orphans are many and sponsors are needed at only $30 per month to provide housing, healthcare, and education to raise these children up as strong disciples of Christ.

Prior to the Roundtable, I met with pastors and their wives one-on-one to catch up on their ministries. The rest of our team served on Prophetic Teams to minister hope, encouragement, and destiny into their lives. It was fruitful and will be expanded to other regions of India on future trips.

MorningStar Academy with Five Hundred Students

 We left Delhi for Lucknow in UP state and drove three hours to Bahraich, just forty km from the Nepal border. The Interior Mission Compound and MorningStar Academy were the first places I visited on my first trip to India many years ago. The hospital treats three thousand to five thousand patients per month regardless of creed or ability to pay. They now have eight doctors and many staff workers. At times, some people travel for two days or more to receive excellent care at this charity hospital. There was intense warfare years ago, but now the hospital is known as a place of healing and miracles. Their reputation continues to spread as the Lord shows up daily.

MorningStar Academy started almost seventy years ago and now has almost five hundred students along with a church. In all of India, I have seen the most miracles in this place, although I can now say that miracles happen by God’s grace everywhere we visit. The Lord has somehow chosen to keep sending me back to India even though many times my flesh does not want to go. Father knows best.

It is such a blessing to hear reports of answered prayers in this place over the years, including on this trip. See the photos and captions below of recent testimonies.

Three years ago, I prayed for this barren woman to have a child. She received a miracle and here he is. What a joy to see the Lord answer prayer.
Three years ago, I prayed for this barren woman to have a child. She received a miracle and here he is. What a joy to see the Lord answer prayer.

Help us continue to reach India. We need funds for orphans, pastors, church and well construction, evangelism tools, resources in the main languages, new schools for K-10th grade, and College of Theology schools. Contact me at the Missions Office to learn more or ask questions. Call 803-802-5544 ext 392 or email Go to to learn more and sign up for our free online Missions newsletter.


The new Deliverance Hall at Jai and Yori Mallipudi’s church seats seven hundred and fifty. Miraculous deliverance is common among Hindu idol worshippers.
Here our team met with Jai and his ministry and orphan home leaders who pastor ten churches in remote areas, seeing many salvations, deliverance, and miracles.
We held a Pastors and Leaders Conference at Samuel Sudarsanam’s church for over one hundred pastors. Samuel was recently elected leader of six hundred churches in his area.
Pastors and leaders are sent out from Samuel Sudarsanam’s church

We ask you to pray about sponsoring a dear orphan for only $30 a month. Go to to learn more.

Beautiful orphans are given love, housing, education, healthcare, and a solid Christian upbringing at Samuel’s.
This man came forward at one our crusades and asked for the Lord to heal his deafness. God healed him! The Lord restores and answers our prayers.
This man came forward at one our crusades and asked for the Lord to heal his deafness. God healed him! The Lord restores and answers our prayers.

Below, one of four new wells we dedicated, each serving three to five thousand people in remote tribal villages. These wells are about three hundred fifty feet deep provide safe, clean drinking water in areas of new church plants. Many were saved and healed at the dedications. These wells in India cost $2,500 each. Go to to learn more about sponsoring a well.


We gathered many of our network pastors in Rajahmundry to introduce them to each other, pray, and provide prophetic team ministry at the first Indian Prophetic Roundtable. We endeavor to bring unity with maturity, depth in establishing long-term relationships, and strategies to transform this nation.


With one of our hosts: Samuel Sudarsanam in Rajahmundry AP state, India.
With one of our hosts: Samuel Sudarsanam in Rajahmundry AP state, India.

India10Above we are with Frank and Dr. Neelam Rassmann who lead our MorningStar Academy, a hospital, and a church. Hindu and Muslim parents must sign waivers granting permission for their children to read the Bible, pray to the one true God, and sing Christian songs. The parents willingly sign because this school is the best academically in the region.

The view of leaving the Interior Mission Compound and School.
The view of leaving the Interior Mission Compound and School.

India17With Ashley Rassmann whom I prayed with sixteen years earlier for a godly wife. The couple has now been married for one year. She is a gifted worship leader and singer. He thanked me for praying for him and reminded me he was in 8th grade at that time.

There are almost five hundred students in the MorningStar Academy in Bahraich, UP India.
There are almost five hundred students in the MorningStar Academy in Bahraich, UP India.

India14Above we are with the faculty of the school—all are dedicated, long-term teachers and staff. One lady worked in this compound for over sixty years and still works at the age of eighty-six.

Videos for Ejournal and MS FB:

We prayed for Ashley’s wife when he was in 8th grade and on this trip, we got to meet her. Pray for the destiny of young people and watch the Lord answer prayer. To help reach the lost by educating and serving the poor in our hospital in India, go to

Listen as Dr. Neelam Rassmann talks about women in ministry and leadership, dress, and serving God. Help us train more in India in the ways of the Lord and His Holy Spirit by going to

Alisha Rassmann continues a discussion on women, the Bible, and culture. Jorge first met the Rassmanns in 2000, and the Lord continues to move in serving thousands in Bahraich. Her heart is to expand MorningStar Academy that currently teaches five hundred students. To help support this vital work, go to

Latif Masih works with MS/CM Missions in Pakistan to provide the Gospel to unreached areas and one way we do that is by providing safe, clean water and hygiene training to remote areas. These wells in Pakistan cost only $1,400 and reach many with a “cup of cool water” and Jesus. To learn more go to