Debora (Ruth) Acquaroli

The Bridge Ministry

Our Vision and Mission

  • To establish solid, love, and Bible-based relationships to bring lasting fruits for His kingdom and make fully-equipped disciples (John 15:16).
  • To nurture, teach, and equip believers according to Jesus’ mandate, so that they may attain the full stature of Christ (Ephesians 4:13).
  • To develop and establish the five-fold ministries for the corporative growth unto maturity of His body (Ephesians 4:11-12).
  • To establish deep, dynamic, and durable connections and relations with other trustworthy and reliable missions and ministries around the world to enhance the unity and active cooperation among the different members of His body on earth (I Corinthians 12:12-13).
  • To implement prophetic intercession, even through strategic prayer missions, all over Sardinia, but also over Israel and the nations.
  • To pursue strategic planning for a Godly transformation of the town(s), region(s), and nation(s) through deep and throughout spiritual research, prayer, and prophetic ministry.
  • To organize teaching sessions, seminars, and conferences, both as outreach and for the equipping of the believers.
  • To increase the production and fruition of good, solid spiritual “food” in the native language (Italian) to help the growth of no-English readers and speakers. (Debora has been an active translator and publisher for almost 20 years, with over 50 books from different, renowned authors such as Rick Joyner, Tom Hess, Lance Lambert, Francine Rivers, etc.).

To lay down the foundation to create, both spiritually and materially, a place of refuge for Christians and Jews escaping from persecution.

Alghero (panoramic view)

One of the town “green gardens” with the blue sea in the background
Another “strategic and intercessory prayer mission”, this time with Jorge and Anna Parrott, and other precious ministers and warriors from Switzerland and Germany, in the southern part of the island, at the former “Devil’s Saddle”, a key spiritual outpost in the region



January 2019. Our precious sister, Giovanna, brought Rick Joyner’s book “Leadership: The Power of a Creative Life” to Matteo Salvini, the Italian Vice Premier at the time, who gladly and thankfully received it, together with our prayers




Luciana (left) and Debora (Ruth) (right) at a prayer gathering for Israel and all the Mediterranean islands in 2017, on the Sardinian coastland, near Alghero


Graziella (on the left) is the owner of this beauty center where she faithfully introduces all her clients to the Gospel message. Here she is with her employees, who also are being trained in the Lord’s ways



Our “older” sisters, one of whom started her new life and walk with Jesus at 81




Water baptism of one of our new disciples


Our “core” home group



September 2013. Debora (Ruth) with Alghero’s Mayor (right) and Vice Mayor (center) on the day City Hall highest representatives and the Israeli Ambassador signed an official paper where civic authorities asked forgiveness for all the harm and unjust treatment reserved to its Jewish community, at the time of Spanish rule back in 1492, and as an act of restitution named a historical site/square in town after the Jewish community. Just a few months before, the Mayor had received through us a prophetic message for him and the town and had opened up his office to receive prayer, Bible studies and spiritual impartation on regular basis, being baptized in water and Holy Spirit