By Jorge Parrott

“Honor, Discipline, and Loyalty”—these words on a sign in front of a military base north of Quito, Ecuador struck me like a heavenly tuning fork. We went to Mitad de Mundo, the middle of the world, on our way to Mt. Zion to visit a church on the equator at zero latitude. We have much to do, or “undo,” in our own yielding to prepare the Lord’s bride. As we align our lives with the Lord, become one with Him (see John 17), and walk in the authority Jesus has given us, it is good to acknowledge that we have not yet arrived.

The government of Ecuador, as well as native Indians and Freemasons,  built several important buildings on “ley lines” and the equator. The battle for good vs. evil is global and intensifying. Intense times help the body of Christ become even more intentional in intimacy with the Lord. As I wrote earlier, 2018 is the year of taking risks. We saw tangible evidence of the fruit of our faith when we took risks on our recent trip to Ecuador.

Our team of five went to Ecuador for a Prophetic Conference with ten churches and also to launch a new satellite of our MSU College of Theology with dear friends and graduates, Gustavo and Andrea Cadena (brother and sister), who have served in missions for many years. The week before the trip, we heard that the large church hosting the venue canceled, either because of the religious spirit or past exposure to unbiblical teaching that exists in many nations. Nevertheless, we were encouraged. I was reminded of Bob Jones smiling in the face of adversity, anxious for nothing, as we all should be.

As word got out in Ecuador, an apostolic leader from Spain made calls for a new location and for even more of the “right” people to get involved. What the enemy meant for evil the Lord worked for good.

Growing in Faith by Taking Risks

Our team of five included Shelly Pifer and Julie Derung from North Dakota, Peggy Anderson of Texas, and Nancy Daniel and myself from South Carolina. This team flowed well together. Each teammate shared their “voice” and ministered as the Holy Spirit led, and powerful worship was done by local worshippers from several churches. The presence of the Lord was powerful in every session. Many were healed, including those on our team. Two days was way too short for all the Lord gave us.

Perhaps it was the altitude of almost 10,000 feet, or being at the equator, or just a sign of the season of increasing glory we are in, but I had many specific words of knowledge daily. I prophesied in the first session that the Lord’s presence would bring people in off the street for salvation. The Lord brought them, and some gave their hearts to Jesus. Our team also gave life-changing prophetic words to hundreds.

I prayed for a woman named Mercedes, saying that she was good at placing people in the right position. I saw Mercedes in the marketplace as a pastor and evangelist. Mercedes then called over her husband, Juan, and I perceived this couple owned a electronics business. I then saw the husband when he was younger under the hood of a brown car doing mechanical work. I said the car was a German car but not a BMW. The wife works in human relations for their company. They lead many to the Lord at work and in home fellowships. The couple confirmed all these points, and Juan showed the audience a photo of him under that car hood.

Later our friend Eddy, who works in the Mayor’s office, asked us to visit his office and pray for his staff. The Lord gave me much to prophesy to Eddy, such as how he was holding the plumb line of Zerubbabel and also the staff of Moses. I did not know that seven years earlier, he led efforts to start a new political party founded on godly principles. He is praying about whether he is to run for Mayor in 2019. Much of what the Lord showed me was confirmation to him of  his responsibilities and the important decisions he faces. He asked me to return every three months to advise him.

When his team came to his office, we had them stand in a circle around him. Our team then spoke of the importance of honor, discipline, and loyalty in this historical campaign they are undertaking. As we watched and prayed, the Lord gave me a specific vision for a woman in front of me. I saw a vision of a young girl falling and perishing in a bicycle accident. I inquired of the Lord. He said, “Say it!” I asked her permission and for her to take this before the Lord. I told her how she lost her sister in a bicycle accident. She began to weep. I told her I saw her sister in heaven smiling. I asked the Lord for her sister’s name, and when the Lord told me the sister’s name, the whole room was filled with the Lord’s glory. Later our friend Eddy said  the lady had told him of the accident just the week before. To God be all glory. Oh, how our Lord loves His people!

MSU College of Theology Impacts Nations

Gustavo and Andrea are amazing in their heart for the Lord and their dedication to preparing the bride in the end times. Their starting bachelors class of fifteen are all fruitful leaders in ministry and business. This new class and school truly impressed us as the most mature we have seen to date in many nations. We spent many hours in prayer for the new school while training them in online delivery and academic and finance procedures.

Releasing “The Voice”

Gustavo and Andrea work across denominational lines and are passionate about bringing sanctified unity in the body (see Psalm 133 and John 17). They help people discover that “everyone has a voice,” which was a recurring theme in Ecuador that we released every day.

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Receiving a special proclamation from the Mayor’s office in Quito, Ecuador.
Meeting with new and dear friends who are pastors and leaders of various ministries.
With Edwin Yabo, the Israeli Ambassador to Ecuador (fourth from right), and his Counsel Amir Sagron (fourth from left).
The Mayor’s office asked us to go 75 feet below ground to pray for the workers of a $1.5 billion projectand the economy of Ecuador at the construction site of the new Metro Subway with 5,500 employees.
Praying for pastors and leaders.
Our team at the equator.
Group photo at the end of the two day conference.
Praying for the staff and friends in the Mayor’s office.
An evening with our gracious hosts in the home of Rocio and Gustavo Sr. Gustavo Jr. and Andrea are the leaders of the new MSU COT.
With the Counsel and the Israeli Ambassador.
With the Presidential Marching Band.
At the Equator.