Blessings Jorge,
We have a full schedule for the month of August.

August 1-4
we will be conducting a Youth Camp in EL Salvador, Crusades evangelistic through sports (2) in the Dominican Republic, and Christian sports Celebration, in Santiago De  Los Caballeros.

July 1 – August 12:
We will conduct massive evangelism through baseball
and soccer all over the country of Cuba.

Evangelistic games (15);
Missionary trips (22);
and Crusades (10).

August 7
HTF University will host an encounter in 4 provinces.

August 18-20
We will host a baseball tournament in the province of Artemisa with 10 teams
We will host a soccer outreach in Matanzas as well.

August 22
HTF will hold it’s Chaplain meeting.

Together in the Harvest, many thanks for your support and prayers.
Blessings, Daniela Sosa HTF Secretary