Dear Sir,
Greetings to you in Jesus name. On the 1st of this month, we have started school for this year. This year we got 24 admissions till now and some more are ready to come for our “Life Point School”. As we are trying to give them English Medium education freely we are not able to take many children into our school. If we take more children then we will have the problem of handing them and providing them clothes and books.

We already bought the books for the children and we bought the clothes also. We have spent Twenty-five thousand Rupees for the clothes and Twenty-five thousand Rupees for their notebooks and textbooks. All together Fifty thousand Rupees for their clothes and books.

Children are very much excited about the new bus which we are using in the school, it is given by Roger from England. Children are very much excited about the bus.
These children will remain with us for one year from now.

God has blessed us with new bus and with the school benches and desks,we are constructing the bus garage to keep the bus safely. Praise God for His valuable blessings. We never thought that we will buy a new bus for the school and new furniture for the school.One man from England paid money for the bus and he paid money for the desks and benches.

We are trying to raise funds for the pastors support and for the electricity in our campus.We dont have have electricity in our campus.We have agriculture electricity we dont know when it comes and when it goes but we dont have house electricity.We cant use fans with the agriculture electricity and it is not available always.So,children are finding difficult to sit in the classrooms. It is very hot as we dont have much rain now. We need to buy some polls and wire for the polls and put the polls from village into our campus.our campus is one kilometer far from the village.

You have seen the campus and the distance of the village. Because of your support we have drinking water in our campus now. For the last 4 years we brought drinking water from the village and drink in the campus. But CMM blessed us with funds for the bore well and we got drinking water. Our new bore well gives us plenty of drinking water and the children are happy with the good drinking water.

Thank you very much for the bore well. Actually everything is done by your support only, the fencing of the campus, second building construction, children playing items, children have shelter, our shelters are also provided by CMM.

Last year CMM blessed us with a second-hand vehicle. ALmost everything is given by you and CMM. Most of the time CMM has supported our pastors as well.

PLEASE pray for us and help us as you have been helping us. We are trying to raise 2,500 Dollars for the pastors support and for the electricity polls buy for the campus.

PLEASE pray for the school children and pray for their families, in Gods Service, Pastor.k.Paul, Christ’s Mandate for Love Campus