I hope you and family well, We are planning to rent a house to take care of the orphans because they are living in poor conditions. They eat badly and sleep badly even they do not have clothes.

We kindly ask you to pray for us because we believe that in God all this is possible and we ask God to provide any contribution is highly appreciated.

We need to let you know that we really appreciate the prayer you are making to the Lord in favour of our orphanage program. We started with 72 orphans. Today this number is reduced to 35 because we have not been able to take care of such a number. Most of them have gone back to the street. It is a pity. But we still have merci on these poor creatures and touch the heart of people who can provide for them and bring them back to our center of transit. The renting house Cost 250 USD per month x 6=1500 USD.  Rent a new house Cost 250 USD per month x6=1500 USD.
Please continue praying for this issue
We are really appreciating the prayer you are doing.
God bless you!
Pastor Ruboneka Herbo