Dear beloved in the Lord,

A new season is opening up before us with the acceleration of many events which, though difficult, are a stepping stone for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The Church of Jesus is being prepared for a more visible manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) and the Presence of God within Her (Matt 28:20). She is also mobilized for an even more urgent proclamation of the Cross, accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles (Acts 2:43, 6:8, 14:3) which bear witness to the love of God unto the salvation of a large number of people, islands and nations. For this to be accomplished, we need the Holy Spirit and each other. The time has come to connect, know, appreciate, love and acknowledge the potential for His glory that God has placed in His Body. Let us remember that we were created for God (Rom. 11:36, Col. 1:16) and only in Christ are we able to fulfill what we were created for (Eph. 2:10). Below you will find some new steps relating to the movement of the Polynesian Triangle.

The Prophetic Convocation of the Polynesian Triangle of Jan./Feb. 2019 has allowed for the enlarging of the team of ministries engaged in the evening meetings and morning workshops we held in Tahiti. Pastor Paul Kauri was one of our speakers who came along with Tania, his wife, from the Cooks. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to strengthen ties with the Cook Islands (in Rarotonga) and responded to an invitation issued by them to attend the “Thy Kingdom Come” conference which they organized in their congregation open to all those of the island who wanted to participate. There, I met Tim Stevenson (the main speaker) and his wife Xenia. They pastor a very dynamic congregation in New Zealand (Auckland). I made a contribution through a message that I shared to the congregation of ArePua on Sunday, May 5th, and also through a word for the leadership class of this community on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019. The highlight of it all was the joy of seeing our friends who had come from Rarotonga to Tahiti last January (Tom Temata & Noorua Ruaine) and also those we met in July 2018 during our mission to the Cook Islands (Ps Bobby Matapo, Ps Nga Pouau, Ps Alfred Morris, Pete & Niki Peyroux, without forgetting mama Ina). I thank Paul & Tania for their warm welcome and the privilege of getting to know their great family (their children and grandchildren from Aotearoa at the occasion of a memorial of one of their granddaughters, Taya Kauri, who passed away last February at the age of 9 and whose ashes were poured in the lagoon of Titikaveka, Rarotonga – an unforgettable moment).

At the moment, we are hosting in Tahiti & Moorea a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) team that did their DTS training in Rarotonga. The leader of the team is Volley Tangiataua (standing to the right of the photo) who is also the director of the YWAM Cook Islands base since June 2018. Indeed Volley is from the Cook Islands and answered the call of God to return to his country of origin after almost 30 years of missions in Asia (Singapore, Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar).

The goal of the YWAM team is not only to put into practice what they learned during the training at Raro but also to honor the missionary spirit of the first Tahitians (like Papeiha and Vaapata who reached Aitutaki in the Cook Islands in 1821) who spread the gospel into the Pacific all the way to Papua New Guinea. Volley’s desire is to see the flame of the Gospel rekindled in the hearts of the inhabitants of Tahiti and its outer islands along with the missionary zeal they have demonstrated two centuries ago. The members of the team (from left to right in the photo to the left) are Caleb (California, USA), Samantha (USA), Levi (Australia & Cook’s native), Rachel (eldest daughter of Volley) & Volley. They arrived on June 1st and will be in Tahiti and then Moorea until July 27, 2019 (date of their return to Rarotonga).

Our following step in the vision of strengthening the connections within the Triangle is a forthcoming trip this year to Oahu (Hawaii). The trip is scheduled with a departure from Tahiti on July 27th, 2019 (until August 10th, 2019). We will be 11 people taking off from Tahiti (with Francisco & Judith Cabrera who join us from Rapa Nui a few days earlier with little Julieta). There will also be 2 other intercessor friends from Washington State who will join us directly in Oahu on July 28th (date of our arrival in Honolulu): Cathy Hiam & Kathy Anglin as the Holy Spirit gave them the opportunity to get involved in this next adventure. We are to date a total of 13 people going on this trip.

We bless God for pastors Ellie & Becca Kapihe who have agreed to coordinate the spiritual part of our trip with the collaboration of our sister Moearii Weaver who has already made many trips to French Polynesia often accompanied by a team to bring what the Lord had put on their hearts for Tahiti and her islands. We thank them for their invaluable help in the preparations for our stay in Oahu and brother Geno Godinet who will be hosting us at his home. Please pray for this mission which promises to be rich in new contacts and for the health and protection of each member of the team, 8 of whom are from Tahiti.

It is exciting to see how exchanges between Triangle countries have begun and will continue. We bless God for what is only the beginning of a greater movement between the islands of the Triangle that prepares the meshes of the net of God towards the final harvest.
Aotearoa (NZ)   –> Maui (Hawaii)  At the invitation of our friends Cynthia & Dennis Hudson, writer and teacher Geoff Woodcock ( and his wife Mel de Dunedin (NZ) spent more than a week on the island of Maui (Hawaii) on 25 May to June 3, 2019, to bring his teaching on love as God wants to see expressed among His people.
Oahu (Hawaii)   –> Tahiti/Moorea/Rurutu, We expect in Tahiti in September 2019 the passage of pastors Ellie & Becca Kapihe of the Windward Missionary Church in Oahu (Hawaii) – during their stay, they would like to be able to help couples and families who need healing and restoration.
Rapa Nui  –> Rarotonga (Cook Islands)  Pastor Paul Kauri (ArePua Gateway Church) invites pastor Alejandro Torres (Iglesia Mision Rapa Nui) for a visit to Rarotonga Island for February 2020. They are looking for an English-language translator. Spanish …

You will find the article as an attached file. It took me months to finalize it. I had to make sure that its content remained consistent with what had been shared during the meeting of the speakers of the Prophetic Convocation of the Polynesian Triangle (PCPT) that took place in late January 2019. I bless the Lord for the clear direction He gives us which particularly improves the understanding of the steps leading to the development of the movement’s vision.

It will take place at the following dates in Papeete (TAHITI)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 until
Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

We recommend that you book your flights as soon as possible …

Five public night meetings are planned. Please notify us of your interest in this Convocation in response to this letter. Admission will be free and voluntary offerings will be solicited to meet the expenses incurred for the airfares of our speakers on the one hand but also to cover the costs generated by the organization of such an event.

We will also hold workshops during three mornings (January 30th to February 1st) over topics to be announced later. All sessions of the workshops and night meetings will be bilingual (French and English) in order to accommodate delegates from the English-speaking islands of the Triangle and representatives of other nations.

Feel free to share this information with your friends and acquaintances, especially with spiritual leaders who would be sensitive to this invitation. The same information is shared on our English-language list.

May the grace and peace of God abound in your lives as you are expecting the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ, “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” (Rom. 11:36)

Edualdo & Aline Cicero
BP 4640 Papeete – TAHITI