Every Day Hope offers practical helps to the community and its members. One of the areas we invest is by providing clean water projects. Many of the countryside people have to walk quite a distance to get a bucket of water. Unfortunately, most of the resources are polluted by contamination. This leads to increased illness. One’s health is so important to grow, learn, work and thrive.

We are also holding several community education workshops to bring knowledge and understanding of a diverse group of subjects pertaining to wellness as well as business development. Sustainability is the key.

The Livestock for Life program is very successful. It takes time to develop this program in a given area.  There are requirements, interviews, visits to their land and extensive training. We teach the people to care for their animals and require they attend small business workshops to prepare them for success.

Each season of the year brings anticipation of what is to come. It is not any different here in the DR while God grows the ministries of Every Day Ministries and Every Day Hope. There are new seasons.

We have been feeling the anticipation of something new as we plan ahead for the years to come. We are pleased to see the growing interest by the nationals who want to be an integral part of the ministry and do the work of a missionary. The draw to mission work has been increasing amongst the leadership of the churches as well as the young adults. God is up to something good!

As a ministry, we are currently preparing workshops/conferences to ignite the clear call to missions. The Word tells us to “Go!” This comes in many forms as the church. We can serve by caring for missionaries, we can go, we can give and we can pray. Christians are called to missions.

As international missionaries, we are challenged to take others to different nations. This will once again cause us to get out of our comfort zone. We have said, “yes,” to the Lord and now He is sending us many people who want to go as well.

Our staff is growing now too! We have Pastors who are on staff with us! What a blessing to have seasoned people who are mature in the Word and love the ministry!