Good afternoon Kenya time. Hope you are doing well and you both are protected by the power of His Might. I think you are very busy in ministry. Hope you started your day well today.
We went to church yesterday. We were in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:11:14.
This scriptures gives us more time to better reflect upon and pursue an amazing, personal seeking forgiveness, spiritual relationship with God, focusing solely on Him and His Love and Promises for us.
We speak to everyone in our congregations, and truly encouraged them to seek forgiveness and surely let God heal the World.
And we give personal opportunity to focus and spend  time speaking and listening to The Word (Jesus) through Blessed Communion with the Holy Spirit so that we might better know and draw closer to our most Loving and Gracious Heavenly Father.
Let’s not worry about missing a few sermons, fellowship services, and choir singings for a little while. Our Most High God is within us.
Instead, let’s demonstrate our passion for Him Alone during this time. Everyone was blessed.
My brother, last Saturday, I sent you my email on how our Deacon Peter is going on in his health in hospital. Hope you received.
Allow me inform you that,  yesterday on Sunday, we set a side special time in contributing towards the payment of the hospital bill for Peter. The folks contributed total amount of $ 365 USD towards paying the bill.
This morning, I visited Deacon Peter at hospital again. I have attached the photos to you to see how he is progressing. He is improving. My brother, please pray that God can provide enough funds so we can pay. I request you my brother to share this challenge to your friends there. So they each can pray fervently about our Deacon and the bill. Hope to hear from you again
Blessed be the living God. Amen. Pastor Fred.