Machuki-June 2017

Our church is growing. We have taught the flock well and there are new believers who want to be baptized.
God is ministering to us through your prayer team and we are growing day after day and we are seeing changes every time we pray. And as a result of this, we thank you so much for the vision that you are having towards us for the needs that our church has and let God help you all for any little support that you will lay aside for us, God will reward you abundantly.
I am sincerely requesting you to send a team to teach and share more about Jesus with us here and after that grace the baptism and ordination of pastors. I am also requesting you all to pray for the same and if possible and God wills, remember to bring or us the public address system and video camera that we requested for earlier to enable me take videos and pictures to show you our progress in the ministry of  Getumbe CCG.
Thank you and take greetings and regards from my family, the church members, and orphans.
your brother-in-Christ
Pastor Joshua

Oyoko: January 2015

Dear CMM,

We are doing good and preach the kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship. After the conference that was held on 9th t0 12th Oct 2014 in Homa Bay about Evangelism and Discipleship, we planted a new church in Mbita Township, and also planted three other churches as a result of the conference. Here is the pictures of the church that we planted at Mbita on 19th Oct 2014.


Daniel and Christine Oyoko

Kinuthia: Children in Prison

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I want to take this opportunity to request you that you stand together with us for these dear women and children behind bars, that there will be people who are willing to support them and give them joy in the middle of their circumstances. The children and their mothers need milk, bread, biscuits, drinks, clothes, any gifts of whatsoever will make them thankful likewise in the LORD.

May the LORD bless you  all and shower you on with His love and kindness, amen.
Your Brother,
Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia (HSC)
Prisoners Chaplain Volunteer,



Oyoko: November 2014

Dear Ass. Eagle Missions.

Thankfullness from our heart to the Lord for what He is doing through us in our outreach crusade and the planting of a church last weekend at Rusinga. 50 people were saved and we planted a church right away.

Pray to the Lord to help us do His Great Commission through our heart to the lost people. The crusade took place as from 21st-23th Nov 2014.

Daniel and Christine Oyoko.

Omukhobero August 2014


The Birth of Reformation Bible Church in Kenya is traced to the vision and work of Rev.Tom Omukhobero. Upon his completion of theological studies at the Bible College of East Africa; he embarked on a countrywide mission of reaching the unreached especially in rural areas with the message of redemption through Christ.

Having previously worked in the remote parts of the country, he had acquired sufficient knowledge of the people, their culture, their physical and spiritual needs and was thus prepared to confront their challenges through prayers and preaching.

Reformation Bible Church is the vehicle through which this vision was to be realized. Right from its inception, the focus of this Mission was rural and slum dwellers; a harvest which had been and is still neglected by most local and international preachers.

A majority of the rural and slum dwellers are illiterate, poverty stricken and deep rooted in their traditional beliefs and practices. Most roads are impassable, living conditions pathetic and communication extremely difficult.

Despite this chain of roadblocks, Rev.Tom put on a bold face and engaged the communities through door-to-door visitation, church planting and communal prayers. All along he was inspired by Christ’s Great Commission to go into the world and make disciples of all nations (Mat 28: 19).

He identified able men whom he trained through a program he called, “Kenya Bible Reformation training Colleget” to take up pastoral responsibilities in these local churches. He operates a children’s orphanage, which offers schooling, and feeding services to impoverish neglected and abandoned children.

Born 55 years ago, Tom is married to Nancy and they are blessed with four children; James, Boaz,Priscilla and Diane

Pastoral work

The Kenya Reformation Bible Church Mission principal assignment is “knowing Christ and making Christ known to others” It is quite challenging to seek to attain this noble goal with the prevailing circumstances in the slums and rural areas.

All the same we base our hope and trust on the Lord “for we walk by faith, not by sight” (II Cor 5:7). Initially, advancing the cause of the Gospel in these areas seemed impossible. But God opened opportunities that saw multitudes coming to Christ in faith and repentance.

We began with Mathare slums, Mukuru slums and later penetrated the sprawling slums of Kibera,the second largest slum in Africa. We have planted churches among the nomadic people of the Maasai, now reaching Turkans and many are coming to the knowledge of Christ as Lord and Savior. We extended our rural ministry to the Eastern and Western parts of the country and into the neighboring Uganda.

We now have thirty five local churches within Kenya and Uganda with an ever increasing demand for trained laborers

Children ministry

With the devastating effects of the HIV /Aids scourge, the number of needy children is always on the rise. Illiteracy, miserable economic backgrounds and backward cultures
inhibit the growth of these children into productive adults.

In this regard, we operate an orphanage of 250 children to whom we provide parental care, social security, emotional support, schooling, housing and feeding services.

Though economically and socially deprived, we prayerfully seek to support those children to give them hope and a future through Christian up bringing and support. This is one of the most challenging areas of our ministry due to the high demand for such services.

Healthcare services

Living conditions in these rural and urban slums are deplorable due to poor or no sewerage systems, dirty water, tin – roofed and mud-walled shanties and lack of toilets.

Consequently, the areas experience frequent outbreak of diseases that threaten the livelihood of these dear ones. Many people depend on herbal drugs and traditional healing methods due to their economic status.


1.Pastoral work-Transport and communication is extremely difficult due to poor road system and lack of vehicles. The “ Kenya Pastoral training institute Project” lacks enough staff and learning resources to train the pastors. Construction of Church buildings and use of public address system is a big challenge due to lack of funds.

2.Children Ministry-Teaching tools and staff for the children are lacking and food rations are in acute shortage
Unavailability of financial support for the volunteers to the children and other professionals is a nightmare for us.

3. Healthcare services-Lack of trained medical staff, drugs and healthcare tools and equipment.

4. Putting up home for our orphans in Western Kenya where we have an acre of land at Khwisero town center. We need $200,000 to be able to provide a building home for this children, Bible school and 5 cows for milk etc.

Passionate Appeal

Dear friends in Christ,
As we look forward to the return of His Majesty Jesus Christ, we are confronted with an increased demand for the furtherance of the Gospel.

I personally call upon you to support this Mission to engage fully in this noble calling. I send a passionate appeal to all our friends and covenant partners to help train church leaders, support evangelistic projects and church planting and give a helping hand to the needy children and families.

We need to put up a Christian school as a preaching instrument, we need to expand our children ministry to accommodate more children, we need Bicycles and motorcycles to facilitate transport. We need Christian literature and Bibles

It is our vision to reach the whole of Africa with the message of hope. We earnestly desire to make Christ known to the slums and other neglected rural dwellers of the continent. We are now in Kenya and Uganda. Soon we are heading to Tanzania. We yearn to go beyond. We need your prayers and support. We love you. Come on board. Let’s pull together.
Please if you are able assisting,we shall appreciate.
May the Lord bless you.

Yours in His Harvest.


Oyoko June 2014

Greetings in Jesus name. We are pleased to share with you about what the Lord, in His Spirit, was doing here last weekend, at ”Kapita” village, according to the book of Matt 9:35.

My wife and I, have a burden and broken hearts for the gospel to be preached and outreach ministry for fellow Africans to come to the Lord. We have a duty to do this. It is the great commission of the Lord. (Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-18)

We are thanking the Lord for the prophecies that we got from the MS-CMM Team.

God bless you,

Pastor Daniel & Christine

Nibagwire April 2013

I hope you all had a good Easter break; an opportunity also to reflect on our reason to believe in Christ.  Jesus conquered death for us, alleluia!  I was meditating on 1 John 3:8 (Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one) and John where Jesus says: “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” NIV.  A life full of love, peace, health…, in Him we have everything.  My encouragement is that Jesus is with us always, He loves us and He is above everything.

My trip to Kenya:

I celebrated Easter with Rwandan friends, refugees, who live in and around Nairobi, Kenya.  It was my first return to Kenya, after 16 years of being in the UK and I was very happy to see many friends from Rwanda living there and Kenyan friends, ex-colleagues at the International Committee of the Red Cross, ex-neighbours and to see how the city of Nairobi has improved much in those years.  The atmosphere was good.  It was warm and the elections for the new president went well, it was peaceful.

I would like to thank many of you who supported me with prayers, flight tickets, t-shirts and kids clothes and money donations to help Rwandan refugees who live there.  I was able to distribute the T-shirts to 37 people, each one received at least one t-shirt of his/her size.  With £1,745 of your donation, I was able to do food shopping for 14 families.  I was able to find accommodation of two families and paid their rent for 6 months.  The majority of those Rwandan refugees live in extreme poverty which affects also their health condition.  I was not able to help many who needed medical treatments, but I was concerned with families that have small children who are malnourished. I met one mother with an 11 month old boy who weighed less than 7 kgs.  The baby boy also has asthma and needs nutrients that would help restore his life.  The mother was not ignorant of that, she was just in need of help.  Many refugees who live in Africa live in this kind of poverty, especially those who don’t receive any help from humanitarian organisations and there is no social services to assist them.

Sunday the 7th of April, I was invited by my spiritual father and mentor, Father Peter Meienberg, to preach at Langata Women’s Prison and talk to those women and especially  spend time with Rwandan refugees who were there.  Being a refugee is hard.  You can now imagine what it may be like to be a prisoner in a foreign land.  Langata Women’s Prison must be the biggest women’s prison in Kenya (More than 700 women and some of them are there with their children).  Father Peter is a benedictine monk from Switzerland, 82 years old, who devoted his life in helping refugees and women who are at Langata Women’s Prison and their children.  He has been in East Africa for more than 50 years.  He conducts mass services in that prison and spends the whole day talking and comforting those women.  He has been a great support to me and many refugees from Rwanda who survived the genocide.  Without his help, I don’t think I would still be alive.  He is very known for his abundant love and compassion to the poor, the refugees, the prisoners (the “least of these”).  He is a walking Jesus.  He is a good inspiration to me.  As he grows old, he wishes I can take over the ministry to the Rwandan refugees living there.  I hope to go back there in December to assess their needs and find ways to be a voice for them here in the West.

Some of you may be called to help the poor or the refugees, you are welcome to join me in one of these mission trips, maybe God will give you clarity of your calling while you are there.  You can also help them without going there.  You are welcome to contact me for advice on how you can do that.

Again, thank you very much for your support in supporting these “least of these”. I believe our God is pleased when we do this (Isaiah 58:6-14) and He is faithful.  He will reward us in due time.

May He continue to reveal His will for our lives and may we continue to walk in His ways.