Machuki-June 2017

Our church is growing. We have taught the flock well and there are new believers who want to be baptized.
God is ministering to us through your prayer team and we are growing day after day and we are seeing changes every time we pray. And as a result of this, we thank you so much for the vision that you are having towards us for the needs that our church has and let God help you all for any little support that you will lay aside for us, God will reward you abundantly.
I am sincerely requesting you to send a team to teach and share more about Jesus with us here and after that grace the baptism and ordination of pastors. I am also requesting you all to pray for the same and if possible and God wills, remember to bring or us the public address system and video camera that we requested for earlier to enable me take videos and pictures to show you our progress in the ministry of  Getumbe CCG.
Thank you and take greetings and regards from my family, the church members, and orphans.
your brother-in-Christ
Pastor Joshua