Daniel & Mama Christine Oyoko


To promote the spread of the Gospel and teach the Living Word to every soul and to provide services that will improve the quality of life of men, women, youths, teens, children and families.


To restore and rebuild lives of communities; to love God, grow together, in order to reach the world. Make friendship in the Body of Christ and work with international and local ministries of the body of Christ so as to prove that Jesus is a loving friend for the world to know that we are His disciples sent to bear fruits for His Kingdom; No difference between us, for we are one in Christ- the goal is to see souls come to God.


To plant churches; this has been identified as the most important effective way to reach new people. To bring church to where there is no church. The Christian community will grow or decline depending on the degree of effort given to the planting of new churches. Consequently, our work has adopted Church planting as its church growth strategy. To accomplish the vision and the mission we must intensify evangelism using these categories:

  • To go house to house for personal soul winning.
  • To run on the roads to far distances using motor vehicles and motor cycles to win souls.
  • To organize crusades and revival meetings for mass evangelism.
  • To hold programs for conferences for Pastors, Bishops and Evangelists of the pulpits; make them come for teachings to enable them go and enhance work of the ministry of the body of Christ.
  • To invite both international and local teachers and preachers to come and enlighten the eyes, hearts and minds of the people in these conferences and seminars.
  • To carry our special outreach programs for community and village events during the holidays.
  • To feed the hungry with food and cloth the naked with clothes.
  • To seek for friends to stand behind the ministry with prayer and resources for the smooth running and going out to spread and preach the gospel to the word.
  • To source for building materials for constructing churches as places of worship.
  • To seek supports and resources for ministers who are assisting the work of God.


  • Church Plantation Movement
  • Traveling around the churches to exhort them/ water them to grow.
  • Men’s ministry
  • Women’s ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Children ministry
  • Vulnerable and orphans ministry
  • Prison outreach ministry

May the Lord bless those who read our vision/mission/strategies and key ministries; for the sake of reaching out to win souls of different categories for the Kingdom of God in Christ.

Thanks to you. Pastor Daniel & Christine Oyoko.