Mundu Osukuku

I became saved in 1994 after falling ill and discerning God’s call to the nations (in discipleship). With a thirst for the word, I enrolled in bible school and obtained a 4 year Theology degree in 2004 (2000-2004). Also, I am called to reach the rural peoples and engage in an evangelistic ministry. I desire to plant churches worldwide: my dream is to be able to reach lost souls all over the world.

More recently, as retirement came, I felt led to use my finance to start a ministry and serve the Lord therewith. I began churches and paid for buildings out of my retirement savings. I have five adopted children and oversee 250 people as part of a church congregation.

Financially, tithes and offerings etc. are generally low due to poverty in the area. I need finance to complete a church building, build the pastor’s house (which is in the foundation stage), and to support our pastors (including pastor David Muyoti).

I believe he Trinity, water baptism, holy communion, salvation and personal holiness. Also, I like to fast and hear from God.

All support and prayer are welcome.