Timothy Wekati

Hello Servant of God,

I saw it important to begin with sending you my Vision Prospectus as it could be the best way for you to know exactly what God has called me for. I do not have a website yet but I’m working on it then you’ll be able to check it out.


This is a Fellowship that is founded on Worship. It is headed by Pst. Timothy and Carolyn Wekati Assisted by Pst. Calvin Obura. It began in the Year 2010 August the 8th when the burden for True Worship on Pst Timothy’s heart intensified. Since then The Church is experiencing steady growth thus having attracted many who have submitted under the Vision.


Existing to Redefine True Worship.


Raising a People who’ll touch the Heart of God in True Worship, according to John 4:23-24.

Under the Church Umbrella, We have two (2) Major projects running:

a) Triumphant School of Leadership

The World today is travailing under the scarcity of right Godly Leadership thus, Corruption, Disrespect, Morale, Lack of Skill, Lack of Commitment, Lack of Growth, Marriage break-ups, Businesses run-outs e.t.c. having barred development and success in our Institutions.
Pastor Timothy possesses a dynamic Gift of Teaching under the Grace of the Holy Spirit.
God spoke to him to exert much emphasis in teaching of the Word rather than preaching, for through this The Church could be grounded on a more stable foundation and extend to the outward responsibilities assuring satisfactory growth.

Christians in this generation are seeking something fresh from the Spirit of God and in no way can we be able to curb the demonic influence of the enemy in God’s Children’s life than embark on a noble course that can well enlighten them, giving them an understanding of Who they are in the Kingdom and How they can amount to their Life Purposes and Destinies.

Every time a Pulpit for Leadership Ministration has been found for Pst Tim, God has greatly used him to touch, align and transform lives that many today are a Living testimony through his Mentorship. The Triumphant School of Leadership started in January 2011 being open to interested Christians from different Churches to join. Our target is; Colleges, Schools, Universities, Business Firms, Hospitals and Churches Orphanages, Non-Governmental Organizations e.t.c. So far we have enrolled 40 Students and many are on the way coming as God has given us favor in the City. The First lot graduated in August the 7th when the Church was celebrating its 1st Anniversary, presided over by Bishop Moses Wamalwa who is the current John Maxwell Leadership Ministry’s National Coordinator in Kenya and Spiritual Father.

Future Prospects for the School of Leadership:
We’re looking forward to acquiring a bigger space in town so that Classes can be fully undertaken. We’re going beyond our Country borders, targeting Christians from other Nations who can come, enroll, lodge and learn from this Institution.

b) Triumphant School of Music

Music is an Agent that has been used in different dimensions for ages to suit Cultures and diverse personal interests, and as Neutral as it is, God imparted a Burden to Pst Tim’s heart to strongly be used to redirect it back to the African Church Arena for His Own Glory.
It was with this therefore that the Vision of True Worship was born and we started by the School of Music under the Church Umbrella. The Vision of Worship is broad beyond this as we are trusting God to Purchase a 5 acre Land and build a Worship Resource Institute in the years to come. There could be no better way to have this Vision implemented than to have it begin in such a humble way.

Our target: All Christians who possess a Call in Christian Music & Worship of the Supreme Being – God.

We rented an Apartment in the heart of Eldoret town which accommodates ten (10) Students in a single sitting as we trust God to move to a bigger place by the beginning of next year 2012.

The School has attracted People especially from within the Town apart from the few from other neighboring towns within the Country.

Church Pulpits are experiencing a gloriously different Worship Music ministration already that is filled with super skill & knowledge, crowned with anointing of the Spirit of God that no doubt God is receiving the Worship Sacrifice offered by those who have been mentored by this Vision.

Future Prospects for the School of Music:
We’re looking forward to acquiring bigger space with different partitions so we can cater for the diversity of Instruments’ Training e.g. Key/Board, Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpets/Trombones, Drums and apart from these, spaces for Vocal Training e.g. Worship Leading, backing, Score Sight-Reading, e.t.c.
We trust God to acquire all the Equipment we need for effective functioning in this noble Course, i.e. All the above mentioned Musical Instruments, e.t.c.
This will also need more Facilitators to train the Students which results into paying them for they are counted among ‘Laborers in the Lord’s Vineyard’.


1. We’re trusting God to purchase Five (5) Acres of Land outside Eldoret Town.
This Land will host:

a) Eldoret Triumphant Mega Auditorium.
* This is a 5,000 Seater Sanctuary built under modern professionalism and conducive for hosting Saints who converge together on the reason of Worshiping God the Almighty.
* It shall have a Parking Bay that accommodates 1,500 cars at the Basement with proper security.
* Ministerial Departments shall be hosted under the same roof, e.g. Counseling, Children’s, Pastor’s Office e.t.c.

b) School of Music.
* At least Six (6) modern Classes shall be built to accommodate Students from all corners of the Continent.
* The School shall have the necessary Music Equipment to aid the task e.g. Piano Keyboards, Guitars (Solo, Bass & Rhythm) Box & Electric, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins, Drum-Sets (Electric & Manual) Flutes e.t.c.

c) Music Studio.
* This will help promote young up-coming Gospel Musicians who possess the talent & gift but lack funds to produce and market their Music. Such Potentials are dying off as there isn’t support and encouragement.
* The Studio shall have Full Recording Equipment and another set of Public Address System and Instruments for Outreach Functions e.g. Conferences, Seminars, Crusades e.t.c.

d) Guest House.
* This is a Split-Level Home where International Guests shall be hosted on their visit to the Worship Resource Institute (WORI).
* They may be: – Institute Facilitators, Sponsors and/or those with interest to see and/or advice the Management on how better the Institute can run to development.

e) Administration Block.
* All Offices involved in the running of the entire Centre shall be constructed and fully equipped to facilitate effective functioning.

2. Purchase a Mobile Truck, fully equipped with Sound & Music Equipment.
* This shall be used to facilitate Outreach Missions, Road-Shows, Advertisements and long Distance travels for Distant Missions.

3. Purchase a Mini Bus and a Van for the Institute errands.
* These shall facilitate and ease transport means within and without the Centre pertaining the Vision. Sometimes the Training Staff may be required to travel to different parts of the Country or the Continent to train Saints on Worship and Instrumentation.

4. Purchase Tents and Chairs for Out-door Missions.
* These shall be required for pitching in convenient spaces when there’s no building to host people or the buildings are small to accommodating the attendance.
* We’re targeting Two thousand (2,000) Chairs and Tents that hold the same number.

5. Employ Qualified Personnel to facilitate the Vision.
* This Centre cannot run without Man-power. The Management shall employ people to serve e.g. Managers, Administrators, Tutors, Technicians, Instrumentalists, Accountants e.t.c.
* This shall also be a way of creating Employment to the people as the Church attracts people with needs too!

My Name is Timothy Wekati,
I’m Kenyan by Nationality, married to Carolyn and we’re blessed with three (3) Daughters

The Pastor: Eldoret Triumphant Church.
The Director: Triumphant School of Music.
The Administrator/Facilitator: Triumphant School of Leadership.

Pst Tim has served in the pastoral Office since 2002 when he begun the Logos Church in Kitale town before God called him to Eldoret in the year 2008 November. His formal Schooling is to the level of High School, where he attained an Average Grade in Academics, having participated a lot in different fields of Music, featuring and leading in Music Festival Competitions of High Schools nationally, directing Music Clubs, training Set-pieces, Folk Songs and Own Compositions.

He joined The Grace Community Ministry Bible School where he pursued his Theology Studies to Diploma level in 1999, John Maxwell Leadership Course in 2004 and Covenant ministries for an Advanced Diploma Course in Administration among other short Courses.
Music is more of a Gift to him from God which he has developed through exposure and constant practice as he still wills to broaden his knowledge and skills in it as God may open doors.

His Charisma is well balanced with his Character thus having attracted people of different caliber to his Ministry who have fully submitted under his Grace and back him in his responsibilities of Ministry. He’s a dynamic Bible Teacher, Pastor, Husband and Father whose Integrity is unquestionable.

Pst Tim is trusting God for Ministers with a Servant’s Heart to team up and support him implement this Vision. It is magnificent to the extend, only God can bring it to reality.

We will indeed appreciate every minimum support that God allows or prompts your heart because of this burden. You can also visit in person to witness what the Lord is doing in Africa through this Vision.

Pastor Tim