Tom Omukhobero

Warm greetings from Kenya, East Africa, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Bishop Tom Omukhobero.

On behalf of my Kenyan mission work, I am very grateful to have you and your church standing with me in prayers, I have appreciated greatly to have you connected with me as a friend in the harvest of our Master.

I am praying with you also. Please continue praying for our ministry!

We are challenged by extreme poverty, the stigma of HIV/AIDS and the isolation of the areas to which God has called us to serve Him. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless those we minister to in His name and provide the resources needed to sustain this work especially during the next year 2010.Many families in Kenya are being affected by HIV/AIDS and in most cases both parents dying leaving children as orphans.

Some children are dying due to lack of medical care though most remain destitute and have no one to look after them; Children without community and extended families to care for them have few alternatives and often in desperation end up in the streets. As a result of my mission in Kenya works to provide shelter, education, health-care and daily feeding programs to these orphans. Our local churches members and friends step in to assist with some clothing, provide school fees for the orphans and other destitute children in our school as well as material things to support this project, the need is desperate.

Currently we are needing:

  • salaries for 6 teachers
  • Purchase of food
  • School uniforms
  • Shoes for our children during the start of the school term
  • Salaries for the staff at the orphanage and rental for their premises

We are ministering to people who live in extreme and abject poverty; I ask you to continue praying and helping us care for these children and protect them from street, from scavenging for food from dumping sites, from drugs, from prostitution and from crime especially in slum areas where we are serving in our city.

Main Objective

Reaching out to our city slum and rural dwellers with the gospel of hope in Jesus Christ.

  • We have planted several churches both in our city slums and in rural areas of Kenya
  • We run pastors training workshops through seminars

Due to the high poverty level, the offerings and tithes are very low hence pastor’s support is difficult. I therefore appeal for your prayers I carry the training project three times a year with an average of 50 church leaders attending.

Presently, the ministry has engaged in helping The Maasai Brethren in putting up a sanctuary.

Please join us in praying and supporting our local Pastor Joshua to build the Church, that will provide shelter for a Christian school together with a clinic. We are trusting God for the providence.

Recently they had an excessive drought hitting their land resulting in loosing all of their livestock and children who were dying due to malnutrition. Through our Nairobi Church and appeal from friends, God provided food, water and health care. Praise God! He provides for the needs of His people even salvation from our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the Maasai Brethren as they live off the land of rural Kenya and seek to learn more about our Lord and live for Him even as we do, they are still nomadic and very primitive tribes in our country never have had the gospel and we are now reaching them. Our mission being an independent, Bible believing ministry with the goal to obey the Great mission of our Lord Jesus Christ…….Mark 16: 15-16 “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel” We carry this Great Commission by church planting through evangelism and engaging in selective Bible based project to help communities in our rural and slum areas “knowing Christ and making Him known to others” is our motto.

Yours in His HarvestBishop Tom Omukhobero