Through the Veil, The Husted Family

Our name is Through the Veil. We are calling people through the veils that separate and hold us back, and into the presence of God where there is new life in Him! We have four sister organizations that work together: Pacific Hope outreach, Pacific Gates Education, Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer, and Ring of Fire Economic Development.

We work with partners in 8 nations. We have established a house of prayer in Seoul, Korea, and teach on the house of prayer in leadership seminars around the country. We rescue orphans in Cambodia and do village outreach in rural areas. We help operate a Bible school in a major hill tribe center in Northern Burma and do village outreach there. We are building a ministry center in Thailand and have 30 churches who are banding together to support the house of prayer and outreach ministry there. We have a dear partner working in a major missions ministry in Ft. Mill who is pursuing anti-trafficking education for vulnerable children. We work in South India among Hindu communities. We have invitations to many more nations.
We have pursued a tentmaking model of ministry, supporting all of our works through jobs as teachers internationally. The opportunities have expanded greatly, but at the same time also the needs. So we find ourselves at this point giving up our jobs to give ourselves to pursue the ministry opportunities, and leaving ourselves, all of our partners and all of our projects with no natural means of support. We need you! We need those who feel the call, yet can’t go to the nations, to follow God with us and partner to help support all that God is doing through us!

Dear Friend,

We pray you are well and blessed greatly!  Please watch these two videos. Please send us your updated current contact information and read the list below for needed information to update our records, intercessors and staff so we can serve you.  We love you and your family and ministry. Psalm 91.  CMM is like a glimpse of heaven, with many from different backgrounds and streams of diverse people groups and cultures, but all sharing our love of Jesus, bold in faith, courage and living a surrendered life to Jesus and helping to fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of the Lord.   We need each other and we need to connect more for the strategic days ahead of us.