Phiri: February 2010

Firstly I thank God for his wonderful job which he is doing in our lives!

This year we have already conducted two revival meetinds in different places.The first one was in m.In that meeting I was seeing the presence of God moving amongest his people. Many people made a decision to come to christ thier Lord and saviour . Others recieved thier healing at the same place. It was on January 15 – 17th .

The second one was in Nsanje in this crusade God did wonderful miracles. We saw three people giiving thier testmonies. The first one is Aruberto Mostishu, had falling headeche and stomach complication for along time. He was trying many ways, but he did not healed. And he was in that meeting.
After we prayed he got healed the same day.
Second one is Esnat William she was bleeeding for eight years until on 30th January 2010 when she come to that crusade. She came to thatr crusade and now she is okay.

Another one is Jenati Alumindu she stayed in thre family for almost ten years without a Baby. Last year in April we prayed for her . Now I can tell you that kshe has a Baby boy brn in January.

So this is what God is doing for his children here.

On 26th February 2010, we were going to have Pastors conference iwith the Pastorsfor preparing 2010 revival meetings.

So we need your prayer and support to make this succesess.
May God bless you.
I am a CMM/MORNING STAR Missionary Revivalist.
You may contact CMMthrough P.O 7705, Charlette, NC 28241.
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Pastor Steven S. Phiri